Infinite Flight Global Airport Tracking Thread


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It should really be a thread with all the finished airports to scroll through only.


KINL - Falls International Airport / Einarson Field, Minnesota, United States:

Small international airport in the very north of Minnesota


Is taxiway with lightning?


Yes but it won’t render in IF.


How many times did we already said that? If I had only 1 pound for every time someone asked if his airport would be included, if there 'd be a list of all airports and this kind of questions so on, I could give FDS enough money to make IF free.
Let’s back on topic


Can ya do Mountain Empire Airport in Virgina?


The chances of someone doing that airport are now -1%


If ya want it join yurself



Another European airport coming up next!



Version 2.0

New markings, updated GA apron and new spawns.


GOOY Dakar Intl:


Such a beautiful airport!!! 😄


where can I go to make the airports?


If you want to join our team, please send an email to Someone will reach back to you within a few days to help you get started! :)



@Laura_Murphy yep, here it is.
Click to expand on this picture

This is the prettiest airport I have done by far and is definitely worth flying to when the update hits your device.


Wow, now I’m really excited. Thank you!!


ENAL - Alesund Vigra Airport - MORE OG ROMSAL - NORWAY

ENAL Overview

Parking Area

HTSO - Songea Airport - SONGEA - TANZANIA

I think @Cameron might owe me something:


LFBZ - Biarritz / Pays Basque Airport, France:

Rather small airport in the very southwest of France.


KPUW - Pullman/Moscow Regional Airport, Washington, United States:

Regional Airport serving the towns of Pullman (Washington) and Moscow (Idaho, not Russia). Going to fly there as soon as I can.


Mid Ohio Valley Regional (KPKB), Part of Project Ohio