Infinite Flight Display Name List


It can be challenging to find and contact those who are either controlling or flying. There is a need for us to more easily bridge the gap between the app and it’s community for educational purposes, so I have created this list of Infinite Flight users’ forum username and in-game display name.

Sorted by the first initial of the users’ display name.

Display Name IFC Username
AcornPlayz AcornPlayz
ACVA IFGA Geniusman The_Geniusman
AdamW BAVA-IFATC Adam_Williams
AFKLM Diederick Diederick
Akash CapA
Alfsterbear23 Alfsterbear
Ameur187 - Colin Ameru187
angrybird angrybird
ATCEG - DylanWoods DylanWoods
ATCEG-IFBR Mauricio IFBR-Mauricio
ATCEG - MacGamer04 MacGamer04
ATCEG Swiss188 Swiss188
ATCEG - 2003iggy 2003iggy
Display Name IFC Username
BAVA Charlie Hindle Chindle_1204
BAVA Flynn Pothecary Flynnopothecary
BAVA Kirito_77 Kirito_77
BluePanda900 BluePanda900
Bluewing Bluewing
BoBo2345 bobo2345
BoeingA320 BoeingA320
Boyd Loughlin - BAVA Flyi2128
Display Name IFC Username
CA BigBert10 BigBert10
Captain prasoon racerhell513
Captain Steve Toshiki
Calib - FDXVA Calib_Wilson
Chatta 290 Chatta290
Chief305 Chief305
Clouds Clouds
CptMats CptMats
Display Name IFC Username
DadaBull GAF-PO B Novick DadaBull
Dan Ciavolella Dan_Ciavolella
Daily service indraniel
Darpan Darpan_S
DaYooper DaYooper
DeerCrusher DeerCrusher
DenverChris DenverChris
DJ_Gold DJ_Gold
Drewmisk Drewmisk
Dillion Lewis Dillon_Lewis
Display Name IFC Username
Elias Turk eturk49
ET_Mavic ET_Mavic
Extherial Extherial
Display Name IFC Username
FDemon FDemon
FDXVA - Brendan Flying_Potato
Display Name IFC Username
Gabe_Z Gabe_Z
GAF SterlingArcher SterlingArcher
Guy Baranyay GuyziB
Display Name IFC Username
Hezz Hezz
Display Name IFC Username
IFATC Aceorbit Aceorbit
IFATC Artem F Artem_F
IFATCAsternDestroyer AsternDestroyer
IFATC-BAVA Cpt Aaron CaptainAaron
IFATC-BAVA leuan IFATC-Ieuan_Evans
IFATC Brandon K Brandon_K
IFATC Captain Zen Captain_Zen
IFATC CS cs_aus_tb20gt
IFATC Dylan Bright Dylan_Bright
IFATC EAV jakcharvat jakcharvat
IFATC Ethan Chloe Ethan_Chloe123
IFATC GlidingCentral Gliding_Central
IFATC IFEP YT hi15td hi15td
IFATC - Justin Chan Justin_Chan
IFATC - Josh H josh_h
IFATC Kyle Green Kyle_Green
IFATC Lachy R Lachy
IFATC Liam S BAVA Liam_Smart
IFATC Moonlit Moonlit
IFATC Moritz Moritz
IFATC mwe2187 mwe2187
IFATC Niks Goen niks.goen
IFATC-Sammy Droubi Sammy_Droubi
IFATC QVG - Luke M Luke_M
IFATC WIZ skotshi skotshi
IFATC Thomas Thomas_G
IFATC UVA jakevaz423 jakevaz423
IFATS Sebas9915 Sebastian9915
IFAE Boodz-G Boodz_G
IFAE ThomasR ThomasR
IFAE-IFATC Julius VO Julius97
IFAE Karol N/A
IFAE IFC - Cbro4 Cbro4
IFAE IFC Trnsprt Hub Transport_Hub
IFAE IFC - Usman Usman_Adil
IFAE Mark Stursy markstursy
IFAE pilotethan Ethan_Hansen
IFAEGAF-ArtMartinez art_martinez
IFAEGAF ATC Lefterix Lefterix
IFAEGAF DariusGlover Darius_Glover
IFAE-GAF-Matt Ryan1 N/A
IFAEGAF IFC-Nate S Nate_Schneller
IF Aviation Infinite_flight_A320
IFC-IFATC Riley Moyer rileymoyer
IFC Conor Connor
IFC Daniel14 Daniel14
IFC Delta319 Delta319
IFC- Dylan M Dylan_M
IFC - DiamondGaming4 DiamondGaming4
IFC Infinite 2674 YT Infinite2674
IFC Joseph007 Joseph007
IFC-KillR KillR
IFCracerclc racerclc
IFC NorthernSkyy NorthernSkyy
IFC Pilot_urp Pilot_urp
IFC- Pinecone Pinecone
IFC - Slimeflyer SlimeFlyer
IFC Swiss188 Swiss188
IFC-Trevor-Austin Trevor_A
IFC - Wattsup_jet Wattsup_jet
IFCN-Leo W Airchina789
IFCN - Ray Wang RayWang
IFCN-Tommychenjr Tommy_Chen
IFC - PlaneCrazy PlaneCrazy
IFC Plnelovr Plnelovr
IFC-PilotDog PilotDog
IFC-Yacht Yacht
IFC-Jack Jack
IFC - 2003iggy 2003iggy
IFEP -ItzEhs ItzEhs
IFEP-YT Graeme GraemePorter25
IFEP Fruit TheWalkingFruit
IFEP Xpira Xpira
IFGAC-YT IF Aviation Infinite_flight_A320
Infinite Flyer Infinite_Flyer
IFHK IFATC-Matthew Matthew_Chan
IF-PilotDube737NG IF-PilotDube737NG
IPP A Hippopotamus A_Hippopotamus
IPP- ItsBlitz ItsBlitz
IPP Cpt Jan Cpt_Jan12
IPP-IFATC Neeson52 Neeson52
IPP - Patria Patria Patria_Patria
Ishan Sharma Ishan_S
Display Name IFC Username
Jack BAVA IFATC jack.spowage
JackH BAVA JackH
Jeffrey Varga Jeffrey_Varga
Jeodanie Smith - ATCEG Jeodanie_Smith
Josh Smithley JoshFly8
Jose Oscana Jose_Oscana
Display Name IFC Username
KingWings KingWings
Kyle BAVA KyleLemon8
kznawsm kznawsm
Display Name IFC Username
Longhauler heavy aryan_j2
Lord Huhn Lord_Huhn
LowPowerMode qlancelots
lucaviness lucaviness
Display Name IFC Username
Mathias Gollemitt
Marcel Marcel_Wiecek
MAV Amaar_Viqar
Mickell Augustine Mickell_Augustine
Display Name IFC Username
naro naro
Natal Gabriel Brasil Natal_gabriel
NATEDOG508 IFATC natedog508
NationofAviation NationofAviation
Neverscared821 Neverscared821
Noah Itier Nono45_FR
Nolan_56 Nolan_56
N316D Laith_Ali
Display Name IFC Username
Othman Othman_Asli
Omar De Windt IFATC Omar_DeWindt
Owain-G - SAVA CEO Owain_G
Display Name IFC Username
Pilotcorn09 Pilotcorn09
Plane-Train-TV FDXVA Plane-Train-TV
Proteus Proteus
Pranay IFATC SaiPranayvittal
Display Name IFC Username
Display Name IFC Username
Randomguy12 Randomguy12
Display Name IFC Username
Sandals Sandals
Sean Green Sean_Green
Snow Cone Snow_Cone
Sunshine Daydreamer Captain_JR
SWV FDXV IPP Haden J HadenJohnson
SVA284 cadenxx
Display Name IFC Username
Taco Taco
TFC Anuj Shah VAnuj
TGP TheGreatPilots
Thabet_M_Thamim Thabet_M_Tamim
the-op THE-OP
turtlebiscut turtlebiscut
Display Name IFC Username
Display Name IFC Username
VegasAviation VegasAviation
Display Name IFC Username
WestJet Virtual AlaskaAir
W-AFLZ SimpleWaffles
Display Name IFC Username
Display Name IFC Username
Display Name IFC Username
zman zmanwani
Display Name IFC Username
21cabbage BAVA 21cabbage
3440 Leesmith1985

All users have given permission to be added to this list prior to being added to the list.

If you need to contact a user just visit this post, click the search bar, check off “search in this topic”, search for their display name in the search bar, then PM them. I hope you find this a useful resource!

Please PM a regular or a moderator to get your username and display name added to the list. Do not comment below with such information. Thanks!


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IF Aviation


My display name is the most creative in the community.


Great idea @Trio!! Would you consider making this a spreadsheet so it will be easier to find people, as here, for example, you have display name “IFAE-ATCEG Trio” and people might look for you in the letter ‘I’ whether you actually are in ‘T’…


Nope, but you can click the search bar, check off “search this topic”, then type in my display name “IFAE-ATCEG Trio” to find me. If someone wants to make a spreadsheet though then go for it! :)


ATCEG too?


It’s for the entire community. :)


Would be nice if you could add me: Display name CptMats


Is it possible for me to be added? People seem to find messaging me as hard.

Display Name: KingWings


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