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Thank you @Carson. :)

I hope this eliminates the need for someone to bump an event thread since their event will already be showcased on here.


Blooming heck, Carson? is that you?!

Fantastic topic, well done.


Thank you @Northwest and Aeroflot for doing an event on Wednsday, that was getting kind of repetitive. Lol


Me too! Trio is amazing!!! I usually fly in casual but never find any events without having to scroll down for hours.


Please direct any constructive criticism to me, a moderator or a regular via PM. We’re all in this together.


Quick Question:

Can post our event (“advertise”) as a comment on here and also put it in the OP?


We’d rather you just post it up there.


That would be a no as the post states, it’s already advertised in the #live:events section.


Ok, just making sure. I already added my event up there.


@Trio, My suggestion to improve the thread is to add a “Today’s events” section.


Awesome idea, we will have a today’s event post every day there is an active event. 🙂


TODAY’S EVENTS - 29 April 2018

Aeroflot/El Al Journey to Thailand @ UUEE - 290230ZAPR18

FlySwiss Destination of the Week! [VOL 4] | The Imperial City (Vienna, AT) | @LSZH - 291900ZAPR18

Moderator approved.


Do moderators have to approve events, so you can post it in “Today’s Events?”


No, I had them approve the “Today’s Events” post because this topic is pinned. You don’t need moderator approval to post an event to #live:events. All active events will be included in the “Today’s Events” post.


There’s been an increase of people doing this.

The #live:events category is the way to advertise… Not here! Let’s keep this as nice as it is and let’s not get this shut down now, shall we?


Goodbye April!

April 2018

1 2 3 4 5 6*** 7*******
8** 9 10 11 12 13*** 14******
15** 16 17 18** 19** 20* 21********
22*** 23** 24 25 26 27** 28**********
29* 30

Hello May!


Thank you for including Moody Meet Up @ KVAD!


Very helpful so now I can see what events there are to attend to!


TODAY’S EVENTS - 2 May 2018

Swiss001’s Community Event @ EGSS 021930ZMAY18


TODAY’S EVENTS - 3 May 2018

GA Concord Fly out @ KCON - 031730ZMAY18