Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting


Have a read at this :)


ok really thanks

Benson W


If you want level of experience, do you mean our xp or something else?


Level of experience as in Grade level.


Hi Tim. I’m 17 and would like to get recruited for ATC expert server, I know this probably isn’t the way to contact you but I have no clue how else to.


You need to PM them. You won’t be able to now as you’re still a basic user. Have a look around and read some topics like some posts and you’ll be there eventually.


Thanks Sir for your information but please help me how to contact the Recruiter


To be able to contact a recruiter you have to be TL1 (Trust level 1/basic user). You get there by being active and contributing to the forum. However, a mod might bump you up to TL1 (TL1 is mainly here to ensure that you are not a bot).


Display name : MRIDHOGAMING
Callsign. : MRIDHO
Age. : 17
Level of experience : Grade 3


Please take a look at the post above yours!


That’s not quite how you do it. You’ll need to wait to be TL1 until you can PM, as @Starley said above. Just keep reading and liking posts and you’ll be able to PM in no time at all. This has been stated many times on the thread above already.


I am grade 3 and a student pilot with ATC minor with about 200 operations. Could I join you guys?


Please read the topic fully. Inability to simply do this does not inspire confidence in any way to a recruiter.


I think that was probably stated at least several times before post #100…but that’s ok…because learning how to read is partially based on repetition !!!


I am not sure if this has been raised/addressed, and if so, I apologize in advance…

Are there device requirements for IFATC controllers? I am running on an iPad Mini 4 and am not sure if this is sufficient to proceed in the IFATC recruiting process. There is an occasional (but massively frustrating) freeze issue that occurs on my device at the most inopportune times, and I’m terrified it will occur while I’m controlling.


Not necessarily although I would try and reinstall IF to see if it makes a difference.


I messaged @Brandon_Sandstrom and he never got back to me… I believe I meet all the requirements


When did you message him?


Brandon has been studying night, and day to get his Airframe, and Powrplant Mechanics ratings. I’ll get to you when I get done with that as it’s a bit more important then IF this week. If you can not wait feel free to message @JoshFly8 not sure the lack of patience will go over well at any rate.

Cheers ✌️


I Understand, I was just unsure whether you had received my message, thanks for the response!