Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting


Thanks. I’ll check it out


You shouldn’t contact more than one recruiter as stated in the post. Also, be patient. We all have things to do. Did you get ghosted in the past 60 days? If you were, you wouldn’t meet the requirements.


I’m 17 and I’m from the Boston area. I️ contacted one recruiter, Tim B but he didn’t respond within 4 months.


Please disregard the last message


Are you still recruiting/training ATC controllers on the exoert server? :)


They’re still recruiting for Expert Server ATC.


Thanks man!

I’ve heard the testing is pretty “tough” - Fingers crossed :)


If you prepare for it well, it won’t be hard. ;)


Yes it is and it has to be


Do some rehearsals on the ts1. There are some IFATC available. If you want I could do it as well and give you some feedback.


A few things…

  • If you contacted a recruiter months ago and never heard back, shoot them another note. Many of them were part of the beta testing and couldnt fly on the training server so recruiting was difficult.
  • Controlling on expert is unique. It takes a bit to get used to pilots (generally) following directions but it should be a more rewarding experience than on TS1
  • All the requirements are listed in the first post.
  • The ATC test is over tower and ground. Once you are in IFATC for a bit you can practice, test, and move up to approach/departure.
  • Yes you must be TL1 to be able to PM a recruiter. IFATC is meant to be part of the community and this means you should become familiar with posting thoughtful topics/replies.


To those that have contacted me, I will get to you as soon as I can. Life sometimes intercedes. I’m not going to go into it here, but I promise it’s a lot more momentous than being able to control on the Expert server.

Judging by the scores on the written tests, please take this as an opportunity to watch the tutorials again. And again. If you’re 14 or 15…you have plenty of time left in your life. Plenty of things to do.

Things could be a lot more horrible than not controlling on Expert immediately.

Take my word for it.


Read all of the instructions. I learned the hard way. I wish I had a do over.


How do I contact a recruiter?


You PM them. Currently, you can’t because you’re a basic user. Read some posts and make some topics and you’ll be there in no time.


Hi Tyler,

I have been thinking about this but I have one question? If you become an IFATC controller and then you drop back down to Grade 2 (e.g. getting a few violations), what happens?




to enter the Expert server you must be Grade 3, so if you are grade 2 the access to the server will be denied.


As a Conteoller on the Expert Server, it’s expectied that you maintain the same level of flying quality as we expect from the pilots. Violations and ghost should be avoided.


Thanks but will you lose your IFATC controller status if you drop to grade 2?


Might try and apply in the summer when I have 2 months of free time to enjoy Infinite Flight Expert Server ATC.