Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting


Hello @Cbro4

Go to your controller’s page/menu, and at the top right your operations will display!


Awesome. Thanks so much, Chief. I’m doing a flight right now, so I’m assuming you have to be in the main menu?


Yes sir, in the main menu. After your flight you can check it out.


Alright. Thanks for the help.


“No Valid Ops” I haven’t done ATC that much so I kind of expected that.


Hii … I want to join IFATC crew on IF …

What i need to do ??


Read the post above… ☝🏻


Please follow the instructions indicated in the first post.


I read it already … I got the requirements …


You should contact a recruiter then as noted. Gain TL1 (basic) first in order to do so. :)


So if you read it you should know you have to contact a recruiter. Unfortunately you’re not a basic so you can’t yet. Just stay active on the community and you’ll get there.
The recruiters also look at you’re capacity to read so I’d start reading.

This is what was told to someone else asking already answered question…


I think an application forum directing you to a link asking you questions will be easier to handle rather than messaging “higher officials”


Well the recruiters check if you meet the requirements, then it is a link that they give you for the test.
I have to say they’re doing a very good job. I agree it is hard tough.


I think the whole point is that they are looking for maturity. They probably do it like they do because when you send them a message, they are able to judge your ability to read and follow instructions. These are things like making sure you have all the right information down on the message, and making sure that you meet the requirements BEFORE you contact a recruiter, etc.


I have try contacting some recruiters and still don’t respond. I am starting to get very impatient. So plz help me here.

I’m 14 year old, 1054 operations, grade 3, and I don’t think I have much violations.

Here is the pictures you need:


Please be patient. I’m sure someone will get in contact with you soon. If you haven’t notice, it’s that time of the year where we mostly concentrate on spending time with friends and family.


@Tim_B Can i apply IFATC? I have met all the requirements


If you meet the requirements,- apply. Just be sure about it and don’t waste time.


I saw a post with the IFATC trainers but I can’t find it anymore. Who should I contact for a training session?


Here you go, have a look through here! ;)