Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting


Please don’t. You will not be testing, as you still have not been able to follow the instructions above. Thanks.


I am interested in doing atc, I am a real life pilot so I have a good grasp of things. I’m 24, grade 3. I do not have any operations as I can not figure out how to earn them. Any help would be appreciated!


Hello! PM a recruiter. Make sure you meet the requirements before doing so.


Edit: Price18 has the minimum required OPS.


Just checked I have 529.


You must be TL1 (Basic User) to PM a recruiter, like and read posts and you will be there in a few minutes.
Goodluck and Cold Regards,
The Chief.


Okay, contact a recruiter with the information provided in the initial post. Cheers ;)


Ok awesome! Thanks for the help.


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As said many times before on other threads, the defaults for discourse are not the same as what the IFC uses. Be productive, patient, and ensure everything you do is meaningful and constructive and you will be there in no time!


I may want to recruit, but I am only 13 so I guess I can’t


That’s right. Wait another year and you’ll be eligible. You can however start some training with a trainer so as soon as your 14 you’ll be ready to start.

Have a look at the list of trainers here: ATC Training Team


This is only applicable if we get ghosted by ATC, right? Not by violations?


Yes that is correct Namit


Oh okay. Thanks Chatta ;)


Keeping in mind the landing - violations ratio requirement :)

Moderators can also ghost unnecessary behaviour


I’m still a little confused as to how it actually counts the number of operations you’ve done. Is it every time you log in to ATC or what? I definitely don’t think I’ve been on it 700 times since I started doing it.

Nothing important just curious. Any insight would be great.


See Tyler’s quote: 👇🏼


Thanks. Didn’t see that


Question: How can we see how many ATC operations we have done?