Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting


Cheers. Thanks again for quick reply.


Excited to apply. Just gotta get the basic user status


You’ve got it now in case you haven’t noticed :)


Haha thanks! I actually didn’t notice until that notification popped up, because I was cruising above the alps at 33000ft.


how do i pm the atc recruiters ?


You’re still a new user. Just contribute and post a bit more and eventually you’ll rank up and you’ll be able to PM. When you’re a Basic user, just press the blue message button. Welcome!


Hi there and welcome.

You must be a basic user first (TL1). You’re currently a new user (TL0). Browse the forum a bit by reading some topics. You can get there fairly quickly.

Upon gaining TL1, you can PM any of the listed recruiters!

Thanks for your interest in IFATC! Best of luck. :)


Make sure you meet the requirments too! If you don’t, you most likely won’t get a reply.


Ugh I’m only 12 y/o. Another two years to wait


A quick question…
I am currently in the process of undergoing the tests/etc. Every time I have been on the expert server all of the ATC controllers I have seen have had the prefix “IFATC” before their name. Is this something you gain upon completing and passing both the tests, or did they all just change their call signs to be like that? (I mean I would, I would be proud of it)


I’m pretty sure it’s a personal preference. You can put it if you want.


Anyone can put IFATC at the front of their callsign, but it is not mandatory. I don’t have it simply because my in-game name is at the max character limit, but some people prefer not to have it for other reasons.


Fair enough, thankyou


I contacted one of the recruiters and got a reply nearly instantly. Just make sure it is “professional”;

Hope this helped


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I do not get it?! I adhere to the rules for ATC in expert server, but I can not ATC in the expert server.


You need to PM a recruiter first to gain access.


@EJ1 @Infinite_Flight_Chan

This isn’t the place to moan about how you don’t reach the requirements. Just accept that you need to wait a little while, get some practice and you’ll expedite the recruitment process once you start it.

Also, I do believe that there is a rule stating that you should be at least 13 to create an account on the forum… 🤔


Please read the post. To control on the expert server, you must pass tests to prove you are a skilled controller capable of controlling on the expert server well.


yes i already did, I have already sent a message to the recruiter