Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting


I am interested in the recruiting process, but I’m not sure how to contact the recruiters. Does it have something to do with me being a “new user”?



I have to wait about one more year till I’m 14 unfortunately Sigh well I know I will be IFATC one day


Yes you need to become a basic one, @ChrisLevet232 may be able to assist though


As soon as I sent that message, I became “Basic”. Crazy how things work out!


Well good luck! May see you controlling soon.


Hey there,

Have a look here and if you qualify please contact one of our recruiters. Thanks Chatta ;)


Thank you very much!!🤞🏼🙌🏼


Welcome to the forum! Good luck on becoming IFATC!


Where do I find how many atc operations I have done?


Go onto IF and click control, once you are on there it will say below your account name.


Ok thanks, lol it says 495 operations, I’ll think about joining, I really like atc controlling


Good luck to you also!


I will do a few, at least 10 more ATC controll and then I will send a private message to a recruiter. Is that what I do?


Yes mate, contact one of us above in the thread listed by Tyler. :)


Ok, I will in a few days. Thankyou


Contacted a trainer today, very excited to see how this goes!!


Hi, I’m new to this whole infinite flight website thing and a bit confused. I’ve read the post about recruiting/requirements and all that for the ATC training on expert server but it is still a bit unclear to me how I can actually contact one of the recruiters. Do I need to send them an email or can I do it via this website? Any he.p you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


You need to do it via the forum. Keep reading around and contributing to topics until the status on your profile page reaches “basic user”. Then, tap on the profile of one of the recruiters mentioned and tap message. In that message, send them all of the information you are told to do in the initial thread, or else they will not respond. Good luck!


Thanks for the quick reply. I will do. Any idea how long it should take until I reach basic user if I keep contributing, etc?


Not long at all. Spend a little while on the forum commenting and liking etc., I promise you you’ll be there in no time mate.