Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting


How can I contact the recruiters?


Click on one of the recruiters names and press message, please specify age, screenshot of operations, experience, display name on infinite flight, and callsign
Here are the recruiters:
Please only contact one recruiter, good luck!
Also please be patient, these receuiters are busy with work, and life. So dont expect an answer right away and please dont spam them :).


Where can i become an atc for the training sever.
Really want to be an atc member


Hello! You can control on the training server whenever you want. To become an expert server controller, you can pm one of the people above when you reach TL1. To reach tl1, just keep liking, posting productively and reading and you’ll reach in no time.


If you want to find out about IFATC, the blue scroll button on the right is your friend.

Swipe it to the top and you might find a little bucket of gold at the end of the rainbow. 😉😏


Thank you. So much very hepful


Normally shouldn’t take too long, make sure you have all the necessary information that should be provided such as:

If you have all of that sent to them, politely bump up your PM with a little message saying something like: “Hey, I was just bumping this PM up just in case you missed it, thanks!”.


Okay. Until now, none of the recruiters got in touch with me. Maybe some of them is reading this…


Can i still try if I’m a grade 2


No, wait until you reach Grade 3 :)


You must be grade 3 in order to join, because those are the minimum requirements of the expert server.


Ok i just need 20,000 more xp and I’m there


Hope to see you here soon!


Yeah. I will play every time i can to get the grade 3 level


Make sure you meet the requirements. Recruiters are busy and may not respond if you don’t


I think I do…i read it carefully


Little hint, do some touch and goes, great way to earn xp


I think that I sent a PM to ghamsz about doing the exam if you are available @GHamsz I would like to do the written exam by the way how was do I know if you have received the PM?


You know he received the pm because he will repsond to you. Just be patient, he will get back you.

If you really want to check… click your avatar in the top right part of the screen, click the little mailbox, and go to sent. The message will show up there assuming you did it right.


Ok I found it now all I have to do is wait