Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting


Are you interested in becoming an Air Traffic Controller on the Expert Server? I am looking for mature and knowledgable users to control the skies of Infinite Flight!


-14 years of age.
-Minimum stats to enter Expert Server. (Grade 3)
-No more than 50% violation to landings ratio.
-Minimum of 500 ATC operations.
-At least 60 days since last ghost
-Valid email address.

What steps are taken before being added?

First, an interested candidate will contact a recruiter who will ensure all minimum requirements are met. Please contact your recruiter with the following:

  • display name
  • callsign
  • age
  • level of experience
  • screenshot of operations count (Select ATC from Main Menu, you will see xxx operations in the top right hand corner with your name.)

The candidate will be sent a link that may be used once to complete the timed Knowledge Exam, a 25 question test that will evaluate the candidate’s knowledge of basic ATC procedures and commands. With a passing score of 80%, the recruiter will schedule a Practical Exam to evaluate the candidate’s ability to efficiently control an airfield with 4-5 aircraft.




When can I retest if I do not pass?

0-49%: 30 Days
50-79%: Two Weeks

Poor: 30 Days
Marginal: Two Weeks

Only serious and mature candidates will be considered to ensure the Infinite Flight Community is provided the best Air Traffic Control service possible!

To guarantee a successful testing process, please watch all ground and tower ATC tutorials prior to contacting a recruiter:

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Recruiting Update: If you’re an interested candidate, please read the post and provide the requested information on initial contact. Your ability to send a professional and thorough message is a reflection on your chance of success through the process. Thanks, all!



I have amended the current ATC Requirements. ATC applicants must wait at least 60 days since their last ghost by ATC.

This ensures the candidates being trusted to enforce expert server rules can follow procedures themselves.


Hey, all! If you’re in the process and hoping to join the team, please listen closely:

If you’re given feedback after a failed practical test and you have the exact same issues on the second attempt, your testing process will stop there.

Our testers, recruiters and trainers sacrifice a lot of time to give feedback and train users in preparation for testing. Please respect that and prepare. Do your part and actually work on the feedback or ask questions when you don’t understand. Just because you have hit your two weeks doesn’t mean you need to test right then. Take the time you need to be ready to pass so we can get you to the other side! 🙂


We are excited to welcome our newest Recruiter, @Tim_B! Tim is a veteran controller and an extremely knowledgeable member of not only IFATC but the community. Thank you!

searching IFATC recruiter
Approach handoff to Tower timing

It’s my pleasure to add another IFATC heavy-hitter to ATC recruiting team. With so much experience, talent, and knowledge, I’m sure Gary will be instrumental in screening our newest members and the future of Air Traffic on IF! Welcome, @GHamsz . :)


Congrats @Tim_B and @GHamsz. Looks like two very deserving controllers finally got their promotion :p


Congratulations Tim (@Tim_B ) and Gary (@GHamsz ) ❤. You both deserve this job and keep up the good work! ❤


Congrats Tim and Ghamz! I am happy for you :)


Hey guys,
how long does it normally take for recruiters to reply?
I have contacted Tyler 10 days ago. Is that normal or should I contact another recruiter?



The recruiters are busy, give them some time to respond. :) It’s the best to stick with one recruiter, to avoid confusion.


Julius, your message stated you were ghosted a week ago. Based on your comment here I’d say you’ve read and understand the requirements making it rather useless for me to respond and state the obvious that you must wait 60 days.

If you feel you were wrongly ghosted, contact a moderator when it happens so it can be resolved and investigated. It has now been well over a week and I am unable to reverse. Thanks and we look forward to working with you when you qualify!


Thanks for the reply! I have contacted Nayeem straight away and asked him to remove it. His respons was that he would contact one of the people in charge of this. I haven’t heard from him yet which is really unfortunate, because I was always trying to follow the rules and I would love to be ATC on the Expert Server :(


How can I contact recruiters?


He can’t remove it if you did something wrong


you pm one of them. They are listed at the top of the thread


Hello and welcome,
You are currently TL0 (new user), in order to send messages you need to work your way up the trust level ladder by being active, reading posts and leaving likes .
With regards to IFATC recruiting, a recruiter will contact you shortly, as soon as they see your post. Be patient, they will see you eventually!


You have to gain TL1 (basic user) first. Read a few more topics and you’ll get the badge fairly quickly. Once gained, you can PM any of the recruiters listed above.

Alternatively, a recruiter will see your comment and will send you a private message instead.

Best of luck on your IFATC journey!


Thank you so much. I’m sorry, I am new here.


No problem, we were all there some day. Expect a PM for me soon, explaining the basics :)