Infinite Flight Air Traffic Service (IFATS) | YouTube Livestream!


So do you learn EU or FAA procedures first? Or do you pick?


Air Traffic Control Students pick, you have my discord, further questions can be asked there or via IFC pm.


I noticed it improved when I started back watching towards the end. Thank you sir and I hope to be flying soon with you guys! I also see you offer pilot training and that would help me a lot.


Yeah. They are awesome. Joined there group a couple of days ago and experienced the amazing ness that they give. Consider joining.



Infinite Flight Air Traffic Service

"Bringing Virtual Flying One Step Closer to Realism"

Hello! We will be live streaming our internal event tonight at 1700Z. We have ironed out all the audio issues and we are looking forward to a successful stream. Subscribe to our channel to be the first to know about a new live stream!


TIME: 1700Z

ACTIVE AIRPORTS: EGHH - Bournemouth, EGNX - East Midlands, LEAL - Alicante and LSGG - Geneva

NOTAM: All frequencies will be active. Event will be livestreamed.

If you plan on attending please join our discord server, the link is available on our website
see you then!


Just an update to everyone attending. Departures will be accepted from ALL the airports. The stream will be starting in just under an hour


All of my world clock and online UFC say otherwise. My clocks and Internet must be wrong. Even IF says that it’s after 1700Z


Nope online says otherwise


Lol I looked on IF and other websites and it said otherwise. Sorry sir and I look forward to the stream.


We are now live! Check it out


i love being either WARWOLF2 or Marine263 during the live streams!