Infinite Flight 18.4 Release


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


If anyone else sees the wrong date for the aircraft release, just restart the app and it will appear correctly.


@Brad_Hoffman and @Mustafa_Karakaya, No speculations here, please, thank you :)


Sorry, didn’t mean too


Fellow Pilots and Controllers,

Just a quick reminder, with every update you can give the app a new rating and review. Follow the arrows below to give your much appreciated 5-Star rating and include a quick review. This can be completed in less than a minute of your time! The developers greatly appreciate your reviews since these are an excellent way to show support for this update and future updates.

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See you all in the skies!


Unfortunately, making the game free is something that won’t be happening. Development for an app like this needs a source of revenue. Without this, the developers are unable to continue providing updates and content to you, the user.


Why didn’t you guys update the United livery on the CRJ-200?


Maybe to remember the old CRJ-200? 😂


Congratulations Devs! more incredible work! 👍👏 The CRJ-200 is well reworked, and a pity that the Amaszonas Livery is not included.


Thank you so much for the final installment of the CRJ seires rework, FDS! These aircaft are now my favorite in Infinite Flight by far!

Especially this one;-)


Ok so loving the update, but are the seats in the CRJ-200 supposed to tower above you?


What a pleasant surprise! Thank you FDS.


They do from Ava and CJ’s point of view ❤️


This is a window wing view. Not a “whole cabin” view.


Because nostalgia is fun. And you have the current livery on other CRJ’s :)


Why does the scenery look so blue?


Take a look:


Why Always Should Exists Differences Between Expert Server And Training Server…
Also Good Job FDS.


Nooo! I’m at work and I can’t enjoy it!😂