Infinite Flight 18.4 Release


I have a question. Is there any plans on South East Asia Imagery? like in Philippines, Singapore, malaysia and etc. areas? I hope in the future plans / updates.


FDS has said that they plan to cover the whole earth with 15m imagery at some point but at the moment there isn’t enough good quality on the satellite imagery to cover from to make South East Asia 15m. South East Asia will get their 15m imagery eventually some time in the future.


Anyone else notice that the CRJ 1000 was released in 0001? Thought it was quite funny.


Great Work FDS Team. Continue to push these updates. Greatly Appreciated!!!


Which bug are you talking about?


He’s talking about where some users were experiencing lag when flying the A320 family planes and the CRJ.


The South East Asia region is in the same boat as South America.


Just downloaded the new update…absolutely AWESOME!! Thanks Dev’s!!


Ah yes… they havent fixed that by the way, still lags


Ah Yes, another amazing update to make this incredible game even more incredible. Great to see it!


Have all the wildfires in CA affected the visual quality of the live streaming over those areas… and how accurate is the scenery to real time !!!


All the more it might just be a hint


Yes, it is out. Just updated!




Wow, this blindsided people out of nowhere. I don’t think many people were expecting this. Thanks FDS. :)


I was hoping for split winglets on the 737s as well but still great update


Someone deserves a hug that is a FDS.


Wow!!! This is so awesome! Hats-Off to FDS for their incredible work :) Proud Of you guys and Thanks a lot for the time you take in making this simulator even realistic. Can’t wait to fly the CRJ1000. And moreover I seriously can’t wait to have the B737 Scimitars update soon!
Thanks a lot FDS. Great shoutout to the Developers, Moderators & Alpha Testers.


Now that the Crj family is done, does anyone know what’s coming next?
Afther the TBM


Hopefully split scimitars