Infinite Flight 18.4 Release


Me too! Thanks FDS!!


Ok ok so just refreshed the App Store and I find this. I think I got this a few months back. I took this today I swear. @DeerCrusher, you have a diagnosis? I literally updated that update a month ago and then again for the exact same update.😔

EDIT: Nvrm. I just got it. :) thank you FDS!!


Have to give credit to the moderators testing it to make sure we have the best experiance possable🙂


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Still don’t have it, but I’ll be patient.


Good joob FDS and moderators!


refresh your store page


Yes I have downloaded the update! So far I am loving it. Especially the NEW CRJ-200 and the new map/systems menu.

Well done FDS. Another outstanding update



As noted in previous updates South America imagery is still not available for folks due to the quality that this imagery is. Clouds, smoke, and other factors make it challenging to provide you with clean and clear view of earths surface.

FDS is working around to clock to get this imagery as quickly as possible but it’s up to their supplier to get this quality data to the so that you and I have something enjoyable to look at. Thanks for the continued patience as always.


New Scenery Update

Are you in VBVA? If so can you get eighty Rosko or Chikin to DM me thx


Thanks for all the hard work you guys put into this it is amazing !


Looks pretty hot, not gonna lie
Great work as always


Absolutely stunning!

Still in awe at how this aircraft was completely revitalized from the ground up! The previous CRJ doesn’t compare to what we have now.

Thank you so much FDS for adding the entire family. Special thanks to the testers who effortlessly find bugs so us users can enjoy this and many other incredible aircraft FDS decides to produce! :)


Hmmm window wiper? An lil hint that weather animation + weather itself if going to be added?


Thank You FDS for a another outstanding and amazing update. I can’t wait for the next project / Update in the future. Well done.


The next project will likely be the TBM930 which was the other thing announced at FSX2018 earlier this year as well as HD scenery for South America and the complete CRJ rework. We could also see the A330 rework soon


Now just getting it but right now I’m at school so I’ll update after school but I’m still excited!!!


Other planes in other releases had it too.


Bless the day in which I followed you guys on Instagram. I r,ember seeing the post and I was like “something’s gonna happen and I’m gonna like it”
The CRJ-200 is stunning as well as the CRJ-1000 BUT I would like for y’all to take time and appreciate not only the Incredible work the devs have made but remember the original CRJ-200 and the moments we had with it. Amazing update guys! Keep em coming! Flying the ol girl one final time


hello good job you are doing in this wonderful simulator

a question

you have fixed the bug of the A320 family and crj I need to know because I have not used those planes for a long time because of the bug problem

thank you and continue so you are doing very well