Infinite Flight 18.4 Release


Nice update! I want South America in HD.


Want is the key word. That word is frowned upon in this community…

FDS has said that HD Scenery in South America aswell as the rest of the world will be forfilled by the end of the 2018 Year.


A lot of folks would like to see South America in HD, but as I noted to another individual this can’t come just yet as the imagery isn’t ready.


I love this update!! The new aircraft are top notch, but it’s really the new systems UI that I’m in love with.Thank you FDS team, IF continues to evolve into an even more refined flight sim! Just Amazing!! Can’t wait for the TBM : ) : D


Is it me or is the nose wheel nose wheel a little stiff. What I mean is if you let go of the rudder button the nose wheel just snaps back in place unlike the 737, 747 etc. The a320 has the same situation where the nose wheel just snaps into place. The 737 in my opinion is easier to make small smother corrections than in the crj family or Airbus a320 family when taxiing.


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I love this update. The devs always surprise us about updates as I just thought this was the crj 200 but it turns out the 1000 came as well as some atc and hud changes and improvements. I’d like to thank them for their continued hard work as I started IF in 2015 and to see how much it has grown from multiplayer first coming to global and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this sim as I’m sure it will be great


I LOVED THIS UPDATE! Congratulations to all the staff.


Really am loving the CRJ200 so far! Also love the placement of the systems tab, makes flying much easier for me, just need to get used to the globe map again.


Special pic to Infinite Flight

As a thank you from me. Because FDS has updating to version 18.4, and the update is very interesting. Many Indonesians are very enthusiastic and happy with this latest update😁🙂😍😉


Me too!
This is going to be awesome!


I appreciate this update and love the CRJ family. Infinite Flight is really doing an incredible job with this sim! The frequency of the updates is outstanding (unlike some other sims). We just keep getting new features and aircraft throughout the year. Fantastic! Great job…


Okay, thank you very much for the reply, I appreciate it.


Like the new UI a lot


Loving the new update 👍👍👍


nice update… but… i miss the “dump fuel” button…


I think its there…you just have to scroll down a bit and you will see it.

Make sure you are not looking a “dump fuel” option for a Citation…


i cant scroll down…


Which aircraft are you using?


all !!! i miss that option in system!

sorry i cant upload a photo… but i dont see the option…