Infinite Flight 18.4 Release


Approxamately one month ago according to the version history although through the last update when i tried the A series platforms i saw a less detailed version although i deleted and redownloaded for this update so sofar it looks better with this current update forsure


Gadget pilot! First time seeing you on the forum, i was missinformed commenting on your videos about a year back(sorry for that). Hope all is well my dude and hope to see more great content from you.
More towards the topic for everyone else or you if you know, is the FPV just not implamented yet or is it aircraft specific? I have attempted sofar the 787 fleet @ crj fleet with no indication of change when fpv on off (i understand its flight path vectors but im also in solo.)
Or is it online specific?


This will give you all the information you need and will let you understand FPV:

I’m pretty sure it’s designed to work both offline and online.


Ohhhhhhh… i feel stupid. I word it as your effective flight path but thats my own stupid slang confusion. Thank you.
Also were the entire crj family fuel ranges updated? My purpose behind it is for instance my airport only operates ER crj family


Great work FDS! You always outdo your precious work with every update that comes along!


Wow! Thank you very much! I have surprised at the cabin doors and cargo!


This update is so amazing. I thank the FDS development team.


Does anyone else find that the CRJ1000 looks like a flying pencil


Very nice! Guys! Let’s go flight!!!


It is an excellent simulator, the team dedicates body and soul to improve the game and the game is simply spectacular. However, I can not give 5 stars because there are no more purchases in the app. It is useless crj 700-900-1000 or md11 if I can not buy them. the “obligation” to subscribe to pro to be able to have them does not fit with me since I do not have enough time to play continuously and to subscribe is to throw away the money. If they returned the purchases in the app would give the 5 stars, but for now, I can not.


Hi FDS! I just notice some of the aircraft doesn’t have the engine to start in the system. Like 787-8?


@Mic_Barredo did you try scrolling down??

You might want to click here


Awesome update!!! Can’t wait to fly the CRJ 200!!


Hey @Jorgillo. Thanks for this feedback. We’re always listening and looking for ways to improve. In the mean time, I hope you get get some flight time in the -200!


Great update! I love to see the love and care the devs are putting into this sim, and it is one of the reasons I keep on with the subscription.
The new systems panel is spot on, i was finding the old 3rd screen very unconvenient. I hope this opens up the posibility to add, in future updates, the mechanism to start the planes from cold & dark, as in XPlane. Keep up the good work guys!


Still no offline availability? Really kills the game for me, please allow regions to be downloaded if you don’t have the pro subscription.



Sorry. Help me understand your feedback.

What are you talking about with Downloadable regions? Aren’t all regions unlocked when Global was released?


As you know, we used to have built-in regions with very low quality scenery. Since updating to 15m scenery, this just isn’t something we can reasonably store on someone’s device. Unfortunately, it’s not something that’s on the development road map at this time.


I didn’t see that haha thanks!


Also can I just say that Cameron did an outstanding job on the pictures of the aircraft and CRJs on LiveFlightApp, amazing! Thank you all for your hard work FDS.