Infinite Flight 18.4 Release


I just want to say that the CRJ-200 is one of the best aircraft I have ever landed on this simulator. It is very stable and just glides in with ease. Great job FDS with the work you did with this one.


I agree 100% with What you said


It’s a shame, they’re the same people that would win the lottery and then complain about the taxes… I’m sure they’ll never be on this forum either, and that’s a huge part of the experience. Its not just the simulator itself but the comradery between all of us users and the sharing of our combined knowledge to enjoy and learn together. It’s amazing what everyone in this group together with FDS has been able to do over the years. It blows my freaking mind.


I shall await with great anticipation for the new industry standard…the world renown KR Test Labs to release their final reports !!!


The CRJ-200 runs so smooth this is just amazing! And I buttered it so easily


Not happening this time. I pretty much got it down on the first try.


Special thanks to FDS for making this livery available to the 1000

Isn’t it beautiful…? :)
It also handles very well, in my opinion better than the 700 and the 900 :)


Every update FDS makes, the better it gets. I remember 2014 online update was just yesterday.


Just left 5 stars in the app store, thank you FDS!


Thnx God It’s Friday with IF new release!!!


Amazing update as always… I have a question!
How to I remove the HUD now? Thanks


Go to systems and click on hud until you get your desired display.


Omg I’m so blind… thanks buddy


not just south america but central america too 🇭🇳


It looks A320 has an update in this release. Anybody knows what that update is?


Amazing job from the FDS team! Even though I no longer have access to IF due to storage and cost issues, I know these are the best aircraft available on the App Store and Google Play Store. Again, amazing job FDS!


What are you talking about? The features category has a vote system. The amount of votes only let the devs know what the community wants. Liveries aren’t aircrafts. They go onto them. What you mean is the aircraft itself. What I am referring to is the livery. Liveries aren’t decided by what plane majority of users fly. Obviously.👍


I find the 200 easy and the 1000 very hard! It is a long and low aircraft! Love the update anyhow!


Possibly bug fixes or texture fixes. Nothing crazy.


Two words:
Thank You