Infinite Flight 18.4 Release


Fps=Frame rate per second:)


Oh! I’m dumb. I’m not sure


When I set it on high, it’s laggy.


I would say that it’s basically the same thing except the graphics are more detailed on the Crj 200! Never expected that I would say that


What about your WiFi?


Someone tell me what is ‘FPV’!! (Please :)


Flight path vector is what it means


I recommended searching it up for more info


Other aircrafts are fine(A320 family is kinda laggy) so I dont think it’s the WIFI.


Oh well mine is ok! It looked pretty good


What is your graphic set to?


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Is there anything new in Training Server?


Appreciate what you got, it was totally unexpected for me!


I’d give six stars if I could for the New Systems Page. It’s truly the little things in life. Thank you FDS. Headed now to the store to drop as many stars as possible.


Just curious, but why would one want to turn off FPV?


I’m not on pro anymore so I’m on solo. I’m not sure if that effects anything but my graphics were on high


It still is laggy on solo:( I’m jealous lol


Just some feedback. The system page is nice but the buttons can be moved to the right side of the systems box for easier reach on tablets.


No! You shouldn’t be jealous!? You have solo too!! I’m the one who should be jealous since I stopped using pro