In Your Opinion, What is the Ugliest Aircraft?


That looks really ugly but soo amazing



Can you even lift, bro?


For a regular , there is a more professional way of replacing “ugliest” but my opinion would have to be the B757


I think the A318, because it’s too short in length to be as raised off the ground as it is


The IL-18D, and anything from Tupolev. Hideous Aircraft


Isn’t that an rc plane?


A350. It looks very strange with that nose, and the winglet


EMB 120 in my opinion is ugly


Plus it looks like it has a heavy amount of eyeliner lol 😂


MaxSez: Ugliest Liner, “All of them, There just “BFUF’ers”!

(BFUF = Big, Fat, Ugly Friggers)



This: i don’t even know what this is: images


So cute!
I want it for Christmas!
What’s it called?


I don’t think it’s too late to ask for one lol.


Cessna 152 it’s just to short for its shape


Beluga whale aircraft


Boeing 377 Super Guppy and Airbus Beluga


I don’t think this thing is real but honestly why?images


It’s an animated airplane gone rouge, like these but in real life!


That’s hilarious lol. Imagine seeing one nosing diving at you 😂


The ugliest plane is the 757 & 767… so ugly 😱