In Your Opinion, What is the Ugliest Aircraft?


imo the 747 looks alot more uglier than the A380. A380 looks ok for it’s size, nothing special but not ugly either.


The Airbus A380. It’s just not a graceful plane like the 747, and the nose looks like it has the aerodynamic properties of a work boot.


Any Scarebus aircraft.


cool except the baleuga is not a passenger aircraft… XD


747 SP… I mean its WAY TO SHORT

@Joseph_Krol Define Graceful

@Cameronrenwick how does that plane even work?


@hurricanetracker500 Magic most probably ;) It looks so unaerodynamic magic must be the most plausible answer ;)


Definitely the pilots need to make sure they don’t deflate the tires 😂


A340 is just so narrow and ugly.


A350… Look at the cockpit windows it looks pissed


I like the ATR but that’s just horrible


All planes are nice!
If a plane isn’t nice it’s because it’s a horrible livery.


THis ugly SOn of a gun.


757 has my permission to not exist


Well the birds seem to like it.


What?!?! No, that’s beautiful!


Honestly, I don’t like the A380. I don’t know why… I just don’t. The Airbus Beluga isn’t very good looking either.


The 757 is one of my favourite aircraft I don’t understand what’s wrong with it I personally don’t like the 747-sp. Who thought making it was better than just making a longer plane.


Ummm… EXCUSE YOU lol jk, but the 757 is beautiful!


I really don’t like the Cessna 208, that nose does not flow withe the rest of the plane.


I think it depends on whether it has the storage thing under it. Without it it just looks to tall