In Your Opinion, What is the Ugliest Aircraft?


Is it weird that I thought the same thing…


A very happy and fat one @Daniel14!


787 nose looks like a parrot to me (still like it tho, as it’s my second favourite aircraft after the 747-8i)



So nobody gets upset, I figured I would share my opinion from all of the major aircraft companies:

Boeing - 767 (Too wide for an aircraft that isn’t that long)
Airbus - A350 (The cockpit widows doesn’t flow with the rest of the aircraft’s design)
Bombardier - Any CS series (The cockpit windows and the winglets feel out of place)
Embraer - E170 (The nose is too low)

Honestly, all of the ‘ugly’ features usually serve some purpose that makes the aircraft more functional.


If you are going to say the nose is too low, have you seen any Bombardier CRJ or Q aircraft?


The nose is too low for both of those aircraft you mentioned, but it flows ok with the cockpit windows design and the rest of the plane so I didn’t think much of it.


Its between the Boeing 757 or the 747SP, The hideous buggers…


very ugly quadraple engine


Agreed. I hate those hideous back gears, and the engines are too skinny.


The A340 gives me nightmares A340=Stick with Wings.


Why don’t you just hate every aircraft as you pretty much hate all of them I love the A380 it can accommodate a lot more passengers then single deck aircraft



You will see more of the A380, A350 and the 787 as it is the future in aviation


If it gives you nightmares then don’t fly it


Airbus: A310. (Short stubby, not visually appealing.) A300. (Something just doesn’t look right…)
Boeing: 767. (Seems a little disproportioned.) 737-100. (Way too short, the tail is too big for the aircraft.)


The PZL M-15 Belphegor, used for agricultural purposes by the Soviets. (One of the most pointless aircraft in my opinion)


I mean it looks utterly stupid, it looks like a bi-plane but one designed with no bother at all!


Older versions of the 737 like the 737-200, still think the new ones are not beautiful tho.


Number 1 would be the B757


Howw???..makes nooo sense at all


In my opinion:
B757-300&A340-600 No problem, it is just too long
B747 I found that the upper deck looks a little narrow in IF619513_20170211211356870070_1
(photo not mine)
Airbus Beluga&B747LCF Designers had to made it because of carrying parts of planes