In Your Opinion, What is the Ugliest Aircraft?



Looks like something out of Pixar!😝🤢


eww, what is it? It looks like some kind of alien spacecraft…


I agree with Boeing757


For all the 757 haters, how can you not love the massive length of it!

photo credits to Daniel Umana and Wikipedia


No words needed. Just look at the ugly thing !


a318 a319 a340-600 and 767-200


That looks like a pre 747.


i love the -200 but the -300… too long


The 757-300 is way better without winglets! Except for the fuel part


I think the 737-700 is its just to short and its even more hideous with split scimitars.


I think it looks nice, the 600 is a little odd though


How is that ugly?!?! It looks so CUTE!!!


I like all planes. Every single plane is unique and I respect that.


Personally for me it would have to be these:

  • A380
  • A320 Family (excluding the A321)
  • A350
  • 787


Engines too small for it in my opinion.


One does not call a A320 ugly. Jk jk. Back on topic.


They’re still powerful enough for it to climb steadily at a faster rate than most commercial planes in the world


Yeah I still just don’t like the size of the engines compared to the plane. It’s small.


Antonov 225



Don’t tell me planes, just got real. Six engines.