In Your Opinion, What is the Ugliest Aircraft?


Hey man I am. Just getting my opinion out there. :)


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I don’t who names it that but who did must have been drunk or something


Wow, it’s one of the best looking ones to me

PS: not biased


No they aren’t I suggest looking it up on google on why they named it “queen of the skies”. You should. Google has helped many people in the past and is glad and waiting to help you! ;)


If that thing is named the “queen of the skies” that the A380 should be named like “beast, king, superman, superior, huge, and More nice adjectives” of the skies.


Yes but the 747’s fame was incredible ands lasted a lot longer than the A380’s. In fact, the 747’s fame has not ended yet. Back in the 70’s and 80’s, they had never had any kind of double decker aircraft. So put yourself in their shoes. Your in the prime of aviation, and Boeing comes out with the first ever double decker, the 747. It travels incredibly far to long distances. How would you think about that?


ATL-98 Carvair, pretty bad


It’s a full double decker and the A380 fame is not as much because people think of as a gas guzzler and ugly when actually it’s not.

The planning of the A380 started in the 90s not as much tech as we have today.

Not so say the amount of crashes the 747 experience. Some airlines didn’t even know how to train they crew properly


They probably don’t because they aren’t an airline with as much profits and revenue. The 747 is not a full double decker but the A380 is and I have nothing against the A380 I think it is beautiful and phenomenal. I think the exact same thing about the 747 with facts to back me up ;)


Boeing 377 Startocruiser


So do I my friend so do I


? don’t understand what you are saying. Typo?


the dc-10. but I like the md-11


Probably will get a lot of hate for this, but I despise the 737 series, although I Kind of like the MAX series


It has been said that @Sam_S hates it


I ABSOLUTELY HATE the 340 series. They’ve got that ugly center landing gear and the noses aren’t shaped right to me. The 330 is nearly as bad. They don’t have the center landing gear though. Also all Russian aircraft except for the Sukhoi SSJ-100.


A340-500 is the best of the series IMO, A340-300 proportions, with next gen engines. A beauty.

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I will say in the Thai livery it’s a good looking aircraft. Actually I’ve been spending a LOT of time flying with Airbus on IF and the 340 is kind of growing on me in like the last day lol


I have a lot of aircraft which I don’t like. Here is the list:
-Any tupolev plane, they are just ugly.
-A380, it’s just big and fat, and doesn’t look very aerodynamic.
-B757, the wings look too small for a fuselage that long.
-And some more less popular aircraft.

I also like some of these quite a lot:
-A321, just the right shape for a small plane.
-A340, I like 4 engines on 1-floor aircraft.
-B777, the engines look cool
-MD11-DC10, just the right shape for trijets.
-A350, I would say B787 but it has these weird spike-shaped stuff behind its engines, anyways both look very nice aerodynamically.