In-Flight Assistant officially coming to Android!


Very nice, looking forward to seeing it! Hope the fragmentation won't be too much of a debugging headache ;-)


Finally, happy to hear that In-Flight Assistant is finally coming to Android......cant wait to download it!!!


Very excited to see this coming to Android. Been looking forward to this for the last few months.


When you say android does that include Kindle and the Amazon store?


Yes the kindle is an android device, but uses a different appstore.


As long as your Kindle is hd6 or fire is 5.1upwards, like my hd6, you can download the app on the downloadable play store. If not then you can download it on to an android device and transfer it across


Very good news!

I have both IOS and Android devices, but find myself using my iPad more often just to use your app. Now I won't have to choose!


Cant wait for it :D i will buy all stuff hope decent and calm speaking like on ios version hope this fast done.


Will it have all the same things as the IOS version or will there be separate updates?


Check out the post again ;)


Thanks very much for the help


Yes! Great to see it finally make it over to Android!


Well even thought I'm not a massive android user (I use android for content consumption) I can still appreciate cross-platform devs. Continue what you're doing fine sir!


@epaga any updates on progress that you're willing to share?


Sure thing! I posted this to the main thread, but here it is for this one.

After finally shipping a completely different (productivity) app of mine that was taking most of my time, and after making a breakthrough over the weekend on getting the API connection to work under Android, I now have all the puzzle pieces together!

I have the API connection up and running, I can play sounds, so now I just need to port over all of the callout logic from iOS.

Thanks for your patience everyone! Onwards and upwards! πŸ˜ƒ



Great to see it in all platforms. I use it a lot! I hope the android users enjoy it as much as all of us do? Keep up the great work... Keep the blue up and the brown down.


Splendid update and I'm sure all of us android users are glad you figured out the troublesome parts!

Also oops.... didn't see that you had updated the main post.


On a side note.... that took me a moment to catch on to...


Some great Tuesday news, thank you very much!


Great to hear, definitely going to get the android version :)