In-Flight Assistant officially coming to Android!


(Update: It’s out! See the release thread for more info.)

Hey everyone, now that IF Assistant 1.03 has reached a relatively stable place (a couple of upcoming bug fixes notwithstanding - follow the monster iOS thread for more info), I’ve decided it’s officially time to start looking into and developing an Android version. From the beginning, I’ve been absolutely overwhelmed with all of your requests for an Android version, but wanted to focus my energies on iOS first so I didn’t release something half-baked.

But now, thanks to the kind and generous support of @USA007 (who is donating $100 to get Android support going), I am going to begin implementing an Android version as well!

Here’s the FFAQ (future frequently asked questions):

  • When? Say it with me: WHEN IT’S DONE. But at this point, think probably months, not weeks.
  • What does this mean for the iOS version? I’ll be releasing another bug fix version, but other than that I’ll be focusing on the Android version for now. Once they are both equal, I’ll be working on both of them simultaneously.
  • Will it be able to… Unless I run into something I don’t expect, I’m planning on making the Android version have identical features and sounds as the iOS version.
  • Can I beta test? Not yet, no, since there’s nothing to test yet.
  • Which Android OS versions will you support? 4.1 and up is the current plan.

– UPDATE (6/26): got the puzzle pieces together, check out the proof of concept!

– UPDATE (6/27): Now have all co-pilot callouts working!

– UPDATE (6/29): Need your feedback! See the poll here.

– UPDATE (6/30): Poll is closed and your feedback is to not release until all in-apps are finished! You guys are a patient bunch - nice! 🙂

Terrain Awareness and Warning System needed
In-Flight Assistant 1.04 (iOS): Take IF realism to the next level!
Aircraft Systems
In-Flight Assistant 1.04 (iOS): Take IF realism to the next level!

What version of OS will you support from?


4.1 and up, unless I run into unforeseen issues where I need something newer.


This is great news :) An android user myself ;)


Oh wow! Even though I don't have an android great job! It's what the people wanted and you gave it to them 👏👏 Hopefully this won't slow down updates toooo much ;)

(Here's a load of 💰 coming your way 😂)

In-Flight Assistant 1.04 (iOS): Take IF realism to the next level!

Are you going to change this post:

To say android is coming? ;)



As you can see I'm mildly excited.


Omg! Thanks alot epaga! I have been waiting for ages for this.

Finally Android Users like me can get some attention ❤. I'm going to ask my parents to buy it when it comes!


Nice, will be bought for sure :) supporting this heavily!


Great, Can´t wait.
Hope your`re sitting @ reopened White Lake lido drinking a cold beer.


Me in my Fry impersonation: Shut Up and Take my Money!

Very excited for this. Thank you for helping IF improve and even more entertaining.


I don't care when it's released. I am just happy that you are working on an Android version 👏👏


OMG, I am so excited.
Happy Safe Landings!!!


Please forgive me if this has been asked before, but will we have to an
additional fee to get it installed on the android?


The Android version (+ in-apps) will cost the same as the iOS counterparts. And yes - buying it in the iOS App Store will not somehow unlock in in the Google Play Store, since they are two separate stores.


this is great! I really appreciate the work being put in this and I eagerly await the opportunity to fly IF with IFA in the background!


I figured as much, but i just wanted to be sure. Thank you!


Besides...i like it better than the passengers app. It's much more user
friendly and versatile! :-)


OH THANK YOU @epaga! I hope it will be out before the end of this year (and not in 2018) ;)


This is great news! I've seen so many videos on YT where the In-Flight Assistant is used and these were the only moments when I've regretted to have bought an Android phone. This app adds a lot of realism to IF and I'm going to get the Android version to 100% as soon as its out. Good luck with the development!