In-Flight Assistant (iOS) v1.065: Take IF to the next level! (Latest features: shaky cam, new PA voice, and more!)


Thanks guys - I can get the “caution taxiway” message (as seen in the video I posted), but will try with the airports and runways you posted and will be fixing issues I find.


I just tried 27L at EGLL.
No issues whatsoever.
No “Caution! Taxiway!” On the runway.


I was getting constant ‘On Taxi Way’ alerts when performing touch and goes on both 4L and 4R at KSSC using the A318

Unfortunately i wasn’t recording or anything but im on iOS 11.4.1 on iPhone7

Oh and i have the glitch where i havent yet bought the add-on 🙂 So i can’t disable/re-enable anything to check if it solves the issue


Even when landing or landed ?


Everything is just fine.

I get “Caution! On Taxiway!” while taking off from a taxiway.

I get “Caution! Taxiway!” while Approaching a taxiway instead of a runway.

I get “Approaching Runway 27L” while approaching that runway and nothing out of the ordinary while or after landing.


I took off from 34R at OTHH, I’m in the air so I can’t check but if you are free it might be worth checking the approaching instruction as I never recieved it


I have also gotten “caution taxiway!” upon touching down.


Which airport, which runway was that? That’d be helpful, thanks!

Just did Solo Mode landing at 05R at EGCC and did not get “caution” when landing - strange. Was this on the runway that you got “caution taxiway”? Are you doing Touch and Goes? Where did you take off from?


It was CYTZ runway 08.


Did you do Touch and Goes or was this a landing in a normal flight from a different airport?


I did one touch and go to test out the RAAS. Loved it except for that :)


Oh my god! So exciting!


I was on live take off from EGCC did a circuit then landed when I touched down it said caution taxiway in your video when you have pushed back and taxing to the runway you can hear the caution taxiway I cant hear that


Solo or on live maybe that’s the problem


I did two flights on Casual to test just now.
I had no issues whatsoever.


There are two “Taxiway” caution warnings: one is when it thinks you are trying to take off while not on a runway - i.e. when you are NOT on a runway and are > 40 kts. The other is when you are approaching and are not horizontally aligned with the runway…

I’ll try Live, maybe there’s an API bug where it doesn’t think you’re on the runway even though you are?


Notice the difference!!

Which one do you get and when?


Right got you, yes over 40kts get the caution taxiway but still hear caution taxiway when landing


Well I don’t.
So what could be different?


OK I just had it happen while on Live (Training Server), did a pattern from 23R at EGCC and got “caution taxiway” when landing. Will now be able to pinpoint the reason for the issue - my guess is an API bug I will have to work around somehow (I think it is telling me I’m not on the runway even though I am). Thanks @MarkJudge01 @rileymoyer and @Jan!