In-Flight Assistant (iOS) v1.065: Take IF to the next level! (Latest features: shaky cam, new PA voice, and more!)


I don’t even get those mails.


I don’t know if Apple will pay my IF subscription back, but they have transferred the money (the money of the IAP)

I’m curious if they will pay my IF subscription, otherwise I have another problem. 😕


So, it turns out a few (but not all) of the RAAS callouts will work even if you haven’t purchased RAAS yet. 🙈 Thanks @Goran12 for being the first to report this. A bug fix update will remedy this (and a couple other bugs) soon, until then, treat it as an RAAS trial version or something? 😬


Man this looks great just wish I could get it. Not like free just don’t use apple stuff


Then get the Android version? 😁 Don’t have RAAS for Android yet, but I’m planning on getting to it soon…


Yeah I have the android version already just waiting now. I thought you said new stuff wouldn’t be added to android.


Nope, I never said that. I said Android is a lower priority than iOS because it’s far lower sales and that iOS comes first. I also said I have no plans to make an Android version of In-Flight Instruments.


This update looks (and sounds) amazing!

I personally prefer not purchasing this one, as I don’t really have a soft spot for the RAAS (it’s incredibly uncommon for such a useful system!)

But this is absolutely a good and useful feature both in real life and in IF! Cheers to everyone involved in this.


I just bought the app and all in app purchases. Everything works great and the app already greatly enhanced my IF experience, but I noticed one thing during my last 5 landings at different airports: the RAAS callout warning „Caution Taxiway“ is always played once after touchdown when you are definitely on the runway, not on the taxiway. Nothing too bad but hopefully fixable.


The RAAS is cool and a nice addition however with my soft spoken Brit Daniel telling me information it doesn’t have the same effect, I see room for improvement with the use of actual recordings and not the Siri voice but overall it’s a great additional function to the app so great work and thank you.


I like the addition of RAAS but I’m not going to buy it. It doesnt sound super realistic with the Siri voice. Maybe if the actual RAAS voice is added then I will buy it. Great work but room for improvement :)


If someone has a link to recordings of the real thing, I’m all ears! 😜


Love the message you get in the app after you buy a package😂😂😂


Great update John but I don’t hear any caution taxiway when on a taxiway but did hear one on landing when on the runway


Thanks for the report - which airport, which runway was this? This will help me pinpoint what is going on. I think there may still be an issue when crossing a runway while on a different runway?


I’ve tried it EGCC no taxiway caution landed at EGCC runway 05R got taxiway caution when landing tried it EGLL 27R no taxiway caution haven’t landed yet


Got the same problem. I landed on LFMN


Yep no caution messages for me either, only on runway and I got the remaining 2000ft.


Same when landing at 27L EGLL caution taxiway warning my device is iPad Pro on IOS 11.4.1


That’s what I meant. Experiencing the same issue at all airports.