In-Flight Assistant (iOS) v1.065: Take IF to the next level! (Latest features: shaky cam, new PA voice, and more!)


OK, well I hope you get it sorted out with Apple, then! 😁

BTW, already have found a couple more bugs (right on schedule, haha), so will be posting a minor update 1.061 later on this week.

Oh and even for the future if anyone runs into issues, please let me know details like:

  • your flight plan
  • the plane you were in
  • any settings you had made

This really helps me pinpoint what the heck is going on with some of the weirder issues. 😂


I see the update! I’ll be buying it ASAP! Thanks for all the hard work you put into the app John!


Thanks, but let’s also hear it for @Laura who added in the new runway API which made this whole thing possible in the first place! 👏🏻

FDS is doing such an incredible job with Infinite Flight - the mobile flight simming future looks pretty bright from where I’m standing! 😉


Can I use the voice command in android?


Can I ask why my RAAS is working when I did not even purchase it?


I know, but it’s the fault from Apple.
And now Apple says that I have to PM @epaga because they can’t help me…

Bye bye 5,50 EUR


Huh? Then why have others been able to purchase it? Are the settings on or off for you on the RAAS page?


I’m on the RAAS page.


You can request a refund directly from Apple within 14 days of purchasing the IAP.


Yeah I really think it’s not Apple’s fault - have you tried re-purchasing the in-app?


Yes, but that takes a whileeee

I said: My IAP doesn’t show up in my Purchase History.

Apple Support: Ok. I’ll refund it.
2 minutes later…
Apple Support: Ok, 52,99 EUR will be transfered…

They canceled my IF subscription…


Could you post a screenshot of what the RAAS page looks like for you?


Here you go @epaga


It’s all off, the way it should be until you purchase. What’s an example of an RAAS callout you heard?


I’m hearing Long Landing the distance call out and the taxiway taxiway and on runway


Ummmmm that doesn’t sound right. 🙈 Sounds like Apple didn’t understand you…


Yup, I’m quite not happy with Apple right now


@epaga can you help me via PM?


Like I said earlier, I don’t see my IAP there.
But my money is already transfered.


These days aren’t Apple’s best days.