In-Flight Assistant (iOS) v1.065: Take IF to the next level! (Latest features: shaky cam, new PA voice, and more!)


Ah fair enough, good things to those that wait, thanks for the heads up :-)


Actually, a bit of both! 😉


Do you know when the release will roll out?


No. Not exactly. Soon though.


How come as soon as i start the app and start my flight the sound turn very low and i can barley hear the voices or even the engines. How can I fix this?


Let’s figure it out.
I’ve sent you a PM.


Looks like it’s out just wanna make sure all is good to go ?


It’s out! Everybody grab it! 😁 Let me know if you run into any issues!!! But especially let us all know if you like it! 😜


Just saw it! Unfortunately I don’t got nothing in my ITunes account right now, but my wishlist has grown a bit I suppose… 😉


Just bought it! Looks promising, though have yet to done a flight with it due me being on vacation 😬. One question though, does the “on runway delay” still applies when instructed by tower to line up and wait?


Yes. Nothing all that annoying though. It will simply repeat “ON RUNWAY 16L” again after (I think?) 45 seconds of being on the runway.


Got it! And purchased it, but it doesn’t work…


Sorry to hear, but would much appreciate a bit more detail than that! 😂


Have you fixed the bug that calls “Minimums” randomly?
It does bother me


I have fixed a few instances where it occurs, yes. If it still happens, please let me know the details of which airport, which runway you’re approaching, and what your minimums was set to.


I live in the Netherlands but you can now pay online, so we don’t need any iTunes cards.

Just payed €5,50,- and I can’t control the RAAS.

(I had this problem before, I’ll contact Apple for this)


OK, so what I’m understanding you to mean is that you think it may be an issue on Apple’s side? Have you tried restarting the app? It should re-check whether you have the purchase each time the app starts up.


I’ll do that. But I got this problem before, the videos and posts makes me so curious to this IAP! But it’s a shame that Apple hasn’t fixed this yet.


Indeed! Don’t really understand what is going on, though. Note also that the in-app is a one-time-only purchase, so even if you attempt to buy it again, it will never make you pay twice (on the same iTunes account) - so you might as well just try again if it didn’t work the first time…


I know, but we can now pay online. That’s new here. But it doesn’t work as it should