In-Flight Assistant (iOS) v1.065: Take IF to the next level! (Latest features: shaky cam, new PA voice, and more!)


Can anyone explain the RAAS update please


Wait for the RAAS system!


Best to google or YouTube RAAS for a better understanding but basically a voice alert system in the cockpit tells you when your on the taxiway tells yoo which runway your approaching then which runway you are on then when landing it tells you which runway you are landing on etc in real life the system warns you if your taking off whichout flaps extended not sure if John is including that or not in his



Is there a estimated realse date for the RAAS?


When it’s done it’s done ✅


Jan found a couple more issues, but other than that it’s looking great! Here’s what he told me :)

RAAS works really well.
Just two issues left, that I have found so far.
Still a “Long Landing!” warning while landing in the touchdown zone and the issue of “Approaching Runway X!” not working while taxiing after having landed earlier.

When those two have been fixed, I think it’s good to go!

It’s really fun. I enjoy it a lot. I’m certain others will as well.


Great! I can’t wait to use it in the 777!


Are these new features will including in the app or pay extra?


I know this thread is huge, but it has been asked and answered many times.


Hello @epaga ,

Does IF-Assistant’s VNAV system have stall prevention? Say you set it to climb 10000 feet in 5nm. Will it gun it and stall? Or will it climb as fast as possible while maintaining the pre-set speed? (Just like Boeing’s FL-CHG AP feature.)



It will climb at a maximum rate of 3000(?) fpm, so probably won’t stall, but it’s a very simple system, so if you’re going too slow it might still stall…


Is does not.

Well actually, sorry to have to correct you @epaga 😉, the maximum rate of climb the app uses is 5000 feet per minute.
When you set it up wrong it can cause extreme situations and you will definitely stall, trigger an autopilot disconnect and crash.

Like @epaga already said, it’s a very simple but really useful and fun feature.

With extreme situations I mean climbing to FL800(!) with a VS of 5000.
While trying to reach that unrealistic flight level, without step climbing, speed will eventually drop below stall speeds.
However, when more realistic settings are used, the chances of that happening are extremely slim.

Hope this helps!


I just did some more testing.
When flying a 777-300ER at MTOW, the aircraft reached FL370, without step climbing, without issues before stalling. So using IF-A’s VNAV with a VS of 5000.
The flight level that can be reached without issues could differ of course because of weather conditions and if the aircraft is banking a lot.

Again, these are extreme situations and this feature is not meant to be used like this.


Thanks for the responses.

So it’s not a good idea to leave IF-A step climbing while I’m AFK during an all-night long-haul?


I think it’s probably fine, but you should make sure each step is not extreme at all and you’ll want to double or triple check your numbers. 😬 It’s kind of like a real autopilot: theoretically there should always be someone there to monitor it 🙈


Okay great thanks. Just to clarify, does the climb only start for a waypoint once it’s actually on the actual waypoint leg?


Correct, it does - again, it’s intended as a super simple system to make longer flights easier.


I love the VNAV! In fact I’m using it right now! I think it would be cool if there were an option to set the vertical speed.


Do you mean that instead of the VS being calculated automatically, you could just set it yourself?

Wouldn’t that potentially create issues with reaching the desired altitude for the next waypoint?

What would be the benefits?

You could actually achieve that by not entering the Altitude for a certain waypoint. That way VS can be overridden by the Autopilot during that leg.
You could do that any time by the way, by just deleting the altitude that has been set.

When used when the Top of Climb is not actually a waypoint, you could use SimBrief to get the coordinates and use those in the flight plan.


Made a short video showing off a few of the RAAS callouts.

Fixed the last few issues Jan found and am about to submit to Apple!