In-Flight Assistant (iOS) v1.065: Take IF to the next level! (Latest features: shaky cam, new PA voice, and more!)


Do you mean the call outs or the actual voice played in aircraft when calling out


@epaga I’m sure Jan told you about the “gear” thing? Just wondering about a fix for that…


@epaga RAAS will be an in-app purchase correct?


When will the raas come out?


Yep, RAAS is a separate in-app purchase as it provides many, many new callouts


@Aussie_Wombat is it released?


Nope not yet still in the testing stage I guess


Well, it was in the testing phase for a while, then it was in the “I’m-in-the-crazy-final-weeks-of-my-kids-school” phase then it was in “I’m-on-family-vacation-at-the-North-Sea” phase.

But now that I’m back from vacation, it’s firmly in the “It’s finally time to get everything finished and ship this thing” phase. Will hopefully be posting updates a lot more frequently.

Thanks everyone so much for your patience.


Can’t wait looking forward to experiencing the RAAS features


Sorry I a little out of the lingo what is RAAS? Sounds a little bit like a guys name from the tv show “Big bang theory “ lol 😅… oops never mind just found it on the earlier threads great job keep up the good work @epaga 👍


It’s really fun!
I’m enjoying it a lot! 😉
When it’s finished, you won’t be disappointed!


When will the update roll out?


Soon hopefully! He just back from vacation so it will take a little bit.


OK, just fixed a couple bugs that @Jan had found like the “disable all” switch for RAAS warnings not actually working the first time it was turned on, also that the “LONG LANDING” was still a bit too sensitive, also that “APPROACHING RUNWAY ____” would not play again after landing (which meant it didn’t come for continuing a flight from the same airport), also that “APPROACHING RUNWAY ____” was overly sensitive when you were taxiing near (but not actually approaching) a runway.

Uploading the latest beta build now, and if @Jan doesn’t find new issues, this will be the one I submit to Apple! (No promises yet - if I have any bugs in there, Jan will sniff them out. He’s ruthless.)


I have had this app since it first came out and it’s amazing I can’t wait to use the RAAS in the 777!


Hi @epaga just wanted thank you personally for your efforts on IF-Assistant and IF-Instruments and to the other developer of IF-Pax had a flight from CYUL to KATL and had all four apps running on two IPads at the same time I’m including a few shots


Cool friend. Next month I’m going to buy another ipad. Last month I bought one and found it much better experience! Congratulations


Thanks you really get a true feel plus all the different voices coming through the two speakers it’s like live action on a real flight


Will RAAS be free to people who have been long time supporters of your AMAZING content? This look great and will be awesome to have!


No it will be a in app purchase