In-Flight Assistant (iOS) v1.065: Take IF to the next level! (Latest features: shaky cam, new PA voice, and more!)


Nope, sadly you can’t set the degrees at this point.

That said, yes, it would probably be doable (not precise & perfect holding patterns, but close enough) - but there are a bazillion other things that would be nice to have as well, so I just need to take it one by one. One big thing for example is getting the Android version caught up with iOS as much as possible.


No other additional features, but definitely some bug fixes such as the landing gear issue that some have mentioned and a few missing callouts, etc.


I love it when people say “it shouldn’t be too hard to do this and that” if it not too hard go do it yourself


Please note when I say ‘shouldn’t be too hard’, I’m saying it shouldn’t be too hard for the developer as he would’ve known a lot of stuff about programming and coding.


Would you say the same to a brain surgeon “it shouldn’t be too hard to transplant a brain into somebody else cause you’ve got experience” people keep telling the developers is not too hard to make rain or clouds or 3D building or tire smoke or vapour trails if it was easy it would be done already. John not a developer for IF he does his Apps in his spare time


All good, Mark - I don’t think that’s how @MaraudersPride meant it, I think he meant it almost more as a compliment to me than taking anything for granted.

So anyways in other news, after finally getting a bit more free time lately to tinker on IF-A, I’m getting close to a release, I’d say.

All RAAS functions are working, I have the in-app stuff nearly set up and - thanks to Jan’s excellent beta testing - have found and fixed a bunch of RAAS issues - some of it is pretty complicated stuff.

Thanks everyone for all your patience!

  1. Start Infinite Flight on your iPhone/iPad/iPod

  2. Connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod to your mac via usb

  3. Open quicktime player

  4. Press “new video recording”

  5. Select your iPhone/iPad/iPod as video and audio source

  6. Open IF-A

  7. Start recording

7. to be continued


8.insert to be continued song


seems to be the same people day in day out tell other how to do thing there haven’t a clue how to do it themselves it’s tiresome

[IFA] Passenger announcements restore failure.

I have encountered a weird issue where the PA purchase failed to restore. More about it here.


What does it say? “Restore failed, contact support”? or did the restore itself work but not the sound?


It processes the request for all eternity.


iOS or Android? 1824z9ezwd


FI run on iOS 🙃😶🙂🙂 ✈️📱✈️✈️


Have you tried restarting your device, or reinstalling the app then trying to restore again?


Any idea on when 1.06 will be coming out. Love the app. Tad disappointed about the voice controls dont always work. Not sure if its the plane since ive been flying the CRJ9 alot or what but besides that keep up the great work and cant wait until the update.


Tried both but distill nothing


Nearly certainly the PA issue is because you have never actually purchased the PA addon, rather you had purchased the voice command addon and then when PA first came out, it unlocked on its own for anyone with the voice command addon (which is something that can’t be restored as a purchase).

Is this possible, @CaptainSpeedbird1974 ?


That’s probably it. Thanks for the help.


Any progress on RAAS?