In-Flight Assistant (iOS) v1.065: Take IF to the next level! (Latest features: shaky cam, new PA voice, and more!)


How does Swiss001 have IF-A callouts when recording videos then?


When you use a computer to make the screen recordings, all the audio will be recorded.

A couple of iOS updates ago, the audio of different apps was saved in different audio channels. Only the main audio track was used during playback. I have no idea why.

When the file was sent through mail or any social media app, the other audio tracks were lost, but when you got the file through iCloud onto a computer and when you opened the file in a video editor, you were able to render a new file with all the audio. Just by turning on the other audio tracks.

Apple changed that unfortunately.
Now the only way, as far as I know, is using a program on a computer to capture the screen, including all audio, of an iPhone or iPad.


RAAS will be a another in-app purchase correct? Or will it be added on if you have bought everything else?



How hard is it to make the ‘retard’ callout play only when the thrust levers aren’t retarded, and for you to make it so that the ‘retard’ callout only stops once the thrust levers are actually retarded?


It shouldn’t be hard at all, since the speed warning has some similarities.
It also repeats, but not when the throttle is over 50%.

Unfortunately “not hard” doesn’t always mean “not a lot of work”. 😉

I’ve added it to the list of feature requests.
I like this one. Hopefully John will like it too! Thanks!


Will IFA on an iOS device connect to IF running on an Android Tablet?


I think you need to run IF-A on the same device where you play Infinite Flight.


Here’s a question @epaga, do you think/know if it is possible with the API to have a feature whare when you over fly, say pass your last waypoint above X altitude it could put you in some sort of a holding pattern, doing whatever, circles or ovals…


I’m not sure if this is a known issue, but anytime I recieve a phone call while flying and connected to IF-A, it disconnects. However, when you open IF-A back up to see if you can try to reconnect it, it says you are connected, but a simple task like putting the flaps down for a second will confirm that there are no callouts and the app has disconnected. It would be cool to see this fixed. Other than that, I love the app and I’m excited for the new feature!


@MaraudersPride is correct!
IF-A needs to be on the same device as IF.


I haven’t tested this myself, since I only fly on iPads, but this sounds like it has to do with the issue with disconnecting a headset.

The audio enige has to be reset for IF-A to work again.
That issue is beving worked on.
I think that when it’s fixed the issue you’re having will be fixed as well.

In the mean time try this after ending the call:


It should be possible.
IF-A “knows” the location of the aircraft.

Making 4 90 degree turns with a certain distance between them shouldn’t be that hard, but why would you want to use an automated holding pattern?

When needed, ATC will assign you a holding pattern, which you’d have to follow.


I have a problem:

When I use wireless headphones (AirPods), IF’s sound is pretty normal but only flaps, gear and autopilot voice commands and autopilot disconnect work. But when I don’t use wireless headphones, all voice commands work but IF’s sound is really low, I have my phone on full volume but I can only barely hear Infinite Flight’s audio.

I make sure to speak it loudly and clearly to my headphones when I try to do a voice command, but IF-A doesn’t recognize it. However, I can’t use the wired headphones either because my phone doesn’t have a 3.5mm headphone jack (I’m pretty sure there’s only one brand of phone that removed the headphone jack about two years ago.) and I always charge my phone while on a flight.

I remember Aussie_Wombat has mentioned something about buying AirPods and it working perfectly with IF-A, but weirdly mine doesn’t.

What is going on here?


Let’s take this to PM.


No, It would for when you are still at crusing altatude, for when/if youbwould overfly, for example oversleep an overnighter…

But glad it is possible…

Realistic Aircraft Warning Systems

Who’s Lori?


Lori is my mom. 😀 She graciously provided voice samples and did a great job (imho).


Are you including any other stuff in the RAAS update? (Bug fixes, additional features, etc.)


I think automated holding patterns wouldn’t be too hard, since you said it yourself that IF-A would know the “location” of the aircraft. You can do a holding pattern over a fix.

Patterns have a 25 degree bank angle so the 180 turn would be executed in exactly one minute. I think the app can be programmed to bank the aircraft 25 degrees in the direction specified. Each leg would be approximately 4nm.

As for when ATC assigns you ‘left or right’ traffic, I think you can just configure it in IF-A (left turns or right turns). Shouldn’t take too long. Even better if you use an iPad Pro (splitscreen?)!

I think it would be suitable to put it in the Flight Alerts/NAV section. You could put a ‘holding’ button in between the set altitude and set speed, which opens up a new window that will let you customize the traffic pattern.