IFVARB Staffing Changes


In response to the call for quicker review times and prompt responses, the administrators of the IFVARB have decided to expand staffing capacity.

As several of you may have noticed or heard, I have joined as an administrator for the IFVARB. With the global update near and many folks creating Virtual Airlines, I have been asked to assist both @JoshFly8 and @IceBlue in the roles that they currently hold. I look forward to working along side both of these fine folks to help improve the VA community.

Taking my place as Head Of Moderation is @Bluepanda900

In addition to this, we have added two new board members.
New Board Members:

We hope that this will speed up review and response times considerably - we have already noticed an improvement ourselves from our end.

We just thought we’d give you an update on our progress - we are hoping to continue to develop based on our points for improvement in the near future. The door is always open if anybody needs to PM us with any concerns.




I guess the cat is out of the bag!

I’d like to thank the IFVARB for their warm welcome, I feel at home already. I look forward to working collaboratively with Virtual Airlines, airline members and fellow board members to create a better VA community.



Congrats to all of you! I am very impressed how you guys are following through with changes that have been asked for.


Well done to all NEO, Danman, Sam_Keast, and DeerCrusher.


Congratulations, all.


@gadget_pilot you should be happy :)

Well done IFVARB! Let’s make VA approval times much faster!


Good luck to the new members of the team!


Been 7 days since I last spoke to an IFVARB member ;(


Patience is great but do remember they are human like me and you, we all have lives.


I agree however the member speaking to me was on 4 hours ago. A reply would be nice. Some sort of update.


Well done to the whole team, you do some truly great work and ever since you were introduced the standard of VA’s here have definitely improved.


Ping them again. They might be in the process of handing some gradually over to @DeerCrusher to lessen their own workload.


Sent two messages, one 10 hours ago and the last 3 hours ago. Member was last seen 3 hours ago…


Even sent a message to Deer 4 hours ago. It says last seen 3 minutes ago.


Just got on. I’ll look at it now.


@DeerCrusher Thank you so much!