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Pretty sure he’s in a 737


I’m talking about the real-life event, not the IF question.


I’m not sure he might have been in a 310.


Really? His trainer would make a 310 inverted?


I’m glad you still love me lol. The reason it doesn’t state a direction is because either is acceptable as you need to get back to un inverted flight


The © should have given it away. 😂


Oooooh I got it! Ended up changing as well after re-reading.


After a days rest here it is.

1/16/18 Question of the day

You are flying at night and see a red light off in the distance that seems to be getting brighter as you continue on. Which of the following is an appropriate action to the situation.

  • (A) Remain on course since they need to deviate for you.
  • (B) Either descend, ascend, or turn right to avoid the conflict.
  • © Remain on course ATC is in charge of separation.
  • (D) Either descend ascend, or turn Left to avoid the conflict.

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  1. Is this VFR?
  2. Is the airspace manned, or is it class E/G airspace?


None of that matters to the question.


1 more hour to submit your answer.


Go with your gut. 👌


In my opinion this happens anyway on the expert server (Answer D)… Votes never matter so those if you copying what has the highest amount of votes don’t. That’s no fun nor any way right.
Edit: read the question incorrectly


Man, this is a very basic rule in flying safety. You say that, but all it does is show that you are wrong. Just because you are dieffernet from the majority, does not make you right. You should know this, because, you’re getting your PPL and are in ROTC and all…


Here you go guys great work as always.


I think the question should have been more specific. I thought it meant red light such as these:

@Brandon_Sandstrom In the case it was an aircraft warning light would B and D be correct without the descend part?


Do we have those in IF? I didn’t think so.


I thought that you were talking about a beacon light.
Should I have been able to differentiate those?
Because I thought you were talking about a beacon light, I didn’t know whether I should do left or right.


Exactly so that couldn’t have been what I was talking about


We don’t have those in Infinite Flight, however I thought the question was in context of the real world. I honestly don’t care if I’m right or wrong, but that’s my mistake, I read the question wrong.

Thanks for the helpful answer :l
I appreciate it.