IFMP Question of the day | 1/23/18 Answer posted


I’m going to give C some love. Hopefully this time I switch it in time.


Why would you switch it, if your answer is wrong its wrong.


Because I know it’s wrong, I had the correct answer before, but I wanted to give C “some love”.


Yes…yes it does! I checked


I’m a little surprised by this one to be honest. Great work guys

Next question posts at 0000Z


Second day in a row. WHY DO I KEEP FORGETTING to switch the answer?


Or why don’t you just put the right answer first…


^^ He does have a point…


1/13/18 Question of the day

You are departing KSEA and the METAR is reported as
KSEA 121253Z 20012KT 10SM FEW015 SCT038 OVC050 10/08 A3017 RMK A02 SLP224 T01000078

Which runway will give you a headwind component?

  • (A) Runway 34
  • (B) Runway 16

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Okay. This one, I’m selecting the correct answer and NOT changing it.


Easy math will take care of that question lel


Another great job guys didn’t fool a single one of you.


This whole you being a pilot smells more and more fishy. Just sayin’


1/14/18 Question of the day

You are doing a nice night flight cruising at 17,000 feet heading 190° 280 KIAS. You glance down to look at your chart upon looking back up you see this now recover! First step > last step

  • (A) Reduce power, pitch up, Add power, turn left
  • (B) Add power, pitch down, Reduce power, turn left
  • © Reduce power, pitch down, Add power, roll
  • (D) Add power, pitch up, Reduce power, turn left

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C looks pretty tempting… #Roll xD

As usual, great question to ask and responses should vary


Great question Mr. Sandstrom!


A real tricky one with one needing to look at all the instrument readings here. Nicely done


Ooo, I do really like how you added the image to this one!


I’m feeling more confident in my choice.


The fourth choice is copywrited. 🤨

Edit: I clicked on show results. 😂