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This is why we can’t have nice things!


1/11/18 Question of the day

KSLC 101254Z 13003KT 10SM BKN050 OVC075 07/04 A2965 RMK A02 SLP022 T00720044

What is the lowest level of clouds reported as?

  • (A) Broken 5,000 MSL
  • (B) Broken 500 MSL
  • © Broken 5,000 AGL
  • (D) Broken 500 AGL

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When the reported weather is less than 2 miles and or 800ft…


Thanks @THE-OP on the pilot side it just states upon controller instruction. Guess we met that criteria then.


Why do your “c’s” do the copyright c? Lol


Stupid discourse it’s cause I put parentheses around it.


When you think about it, it’s like “duh… location,location,location.”


Tossing us a softball. I like it!


I’ve been loving these questions so far!


Pretty easy question lol.


Glad you have been enjoying them.


Good job guys I was worried there for a bit but the majority just squeezed by knowing the correct answer.

Tomorrow’s question posts at 0000Z. ✌️


1/12/18 Question of the day

You are traveling from KLAS to KLAX on a VFR flight plan. What is an appropriate VFR altitude for the route?
FAA regulations apply

  • (A) 16,500
  • (B) FL340
  • © FL345
  • (D) 17,500

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Altitude questions should be required for entry to the Expert Server. I see somebody flying incorrectly every day, it drives me insane.


I see what you did there putting two airports with only a one letter difference in ICAO code up there. Sneaky sneaky. Had to reread it a second time to make sure I read it right.


In the FAR… It states that any aircraft in a VFR Flight must remain above 3,000 ft above the surface (AGL) but below 18,000 ft Mean Sea Level (MSL).

So with that, would Both A and B be correct?

Yet again, most aircraft that are under VFR Flight Rules are Cessnas and other recreational/private aircraft… They require oxygen around 14,000 ft (Depending on pressure, temperature, etc)
So they won’t really ever get to 18,000 ft MSL.

Can you verify this?

Information can be found in Part 91 in the FAR Handbook. (General Operating and Flight Rules)


Think of the route. Flying Las Vegas to Los Angeles…

That should give you your answer.


If pilots know there rules, then it should be easy.


That’s half of the answer. The other half is in 91.159…


Does neon-sweden apply here?