IFMP Question of the day | 1/23/18 Answer posted


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Well another one is in the books the majority got this wrong.
@RealAviation1974 I guess it wasn’t as easy as one thought.

Tomorrow’s question will post at 0000Z.


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Thought these were only questions that related to Infinite Flight. Fooled me.


This does relate to IF


Well the markings are there in the sim but probably aren’t observed by 99% of users.


Exactly hence the question


A little knowledge never hurt.


I think you should expand on this. When is this area protected? Just IFR conditions doesn’t merit protection.

I got this one wrong though, I’ve always worked with red ILS sign that you turn on during protected times… bummer lol


In the real world it’s entirely up to the controller when the ILS hold will be used. Since we don’t have that option I’ve always assumed it’s anytime IFR conditions exist.


You only hold short of the ILS Critical Area if it’s broadcast on the ATIS or it’s part of the taxi instructions. Unless one of those 2 happen, A is correct.


Does IF have those? No so I based this question off known information for IF see the link given with the answer. However I’ll avoid broad subject areas in the future.


True, we don’t have those. But then again the IF ILS works all the time no matter what lol


😂 true that. Unless Cam has touched it Cough San Fran!