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I mean, there is no getting back on the LOC once you approach the stall. The only solution here would be to execute a stall recovery maneuver and to climb away with a missed approach.


Exactly what I was thinking with this, you would turn right. You have to call miss approachand head back to the pattern.


So you just make up your own missed approach in IMC? We defineltly aren’t at the MAP. Best solution is stall recovery maintain altitude and regain the LOC as you are only half deflection. Then announce the missed approach.

It’s just like any other unusual attitude recovery you regain control then get back on course.


Oh I thought you wanted to get back on the LOC to continue the approach my bad.


Hum there is definitely no turning right here. You are in IMC conditions, there is no pattern to get back to (I assume you are referring to the VFR pattern).


1/10/18 Question of the day

You are cleared to taxi at KATL which line would you call tower for Departure?

KATL 091252Z 07007KT 2SM OVC006 07/05 A3021 RMK A02 SLP327 T00670050

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

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I think I got this one… I’m onto your tricks!


This ones a not commonly asked one! Seems simple but tricky :)


Changing it from 7NM to 2NM after people voted isn’t really fair ;)


Same answer either way figured I’d make it a little easier


Lol well now you’re just gonna give it away!


No one is giving Choice D some love. I may just have to vote for that.


You have always loved that D


Who doesn’t love a good D


🙄 I had a feeling that was gonna be said…

I voted for D. I hope its the right one. 🤞🏼


I hope you know the answer, being a commercial pilot and all… 🤓🤪🤪


Lol. Yes I know the answer. 😂 🤫


This one should be easy let’s get those votes in.


You made it too easy…


Cough cough look at the cloud coverage and altitude all. More important than visibility in this case