IFEAA Airventure 2018 Hosted by The Aerosync Group [58 days remaining!] July 16-21


Performers and sponsored VAs are always welcomed! If anyone is interested in participating go ahead and join our discord!


Just slightly over 70 days till the greatest event of this summer! If you are interested in joining our event, all you need to do is join the discord and be ready! Stay tuned for more information :)


I might fly into oshkosh but 2 things

  1. What date is it

  2. Can i fly in a FedEx MD11F


July 16-22 is the date of this event.

AirVenture is usually fully based around GA. You may be able to preform though in the MD-11


You can fly in, in any aircraft that you wish. All I ask is that you are alert on our discord channel and that you check up on the rules/regulations prior to arrival when it comes to ATC and flying in. Otherwise you’re good to go. Be sure you’re in our discord, link above! :)


It’s fine. It’s not a strictly military event. Read above.


I have done that today


IFFG’s 10 Tanker Air Carrier will send a DC10 Tanker out for a day! @DeltaMD88Fan


Roger that! Are you flying in as a static display?


We can do a display and a static


Roger that! Be sure you join the discord and are prepared for Vocal ATC, and also please check out the NOTAMS


Is there anyway for me to come just to watch? I have been looking an Airshow team to join but most of them have requirements that i dont meet… so i wont be performing since the aircraft i mostly fly are military jets (f22 and f14) i might fly in to be a static f22 display


Arrival airport is Wittman regional airport, right?


Affirmative KOSH Wittman rgnl airport


Roger that! Be sure to join the discord :)


Today is an all day Airshow practice for the event! If you are not listed as a performer but want to attend please be respectful, and the best thing to do is to relax and watch the performers practice and listen in on our discord. Thank you very much.


We are still looking for Airshow performers, and anyone who is interested in the Short distance landing competition, and dont forget the arrival event!


Apparently I am unable to edit the thread anymore, so stating that we have 52 days remaining!



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