If you could design a special livery, what would it look like?


i believe it was closed after no one replied in 90 days. no? @BobbyRobert


I found 2 they were both closed


No. “If you were to own an airline, what would your fleet consist” is alive and well. I suck with links, so if someone wants to add one, feel free to


Gotcha will add my post there thanks


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Can’t you all just use this?


This is more special liveries where as the other one is mainly for more “standard” liveries for the airline. Let’s keep this on-topic guys.


I don’t know how to create it, but it would be a sort of Disney World livery on the A350-900. Happiest place on Earth. Check out my post in the airline fleet thread, shameless self advertising, pls dont flag


Virgin Canada, sounds like an awesome airline! Is this in the airline fleet thread? It should be.


Wait @Deltabro did you just move this to general? Could you just post on Design Your Own Airline or Repaint like @Delta319 said? If you want this separate, please don’t use one tat had a different topic, title, and category. Just make a new topic in #real-world-aviation I


This was not my livery, idk if @Cayden_Smith wants to post it in Design Your Own Livery. Plus, this is a completely different topic. All you have to do is say what your plane would look like, not actually make one. Also, if this is the same thing, no one is perfect. If I have to move it to rwa just say it. Thx


Capital Virtual Airlines A320 livery. Credit to CVA’s Design Manager @Cayden_Smith


So like what China Eastern is planning on doing?


I would paint one KLM 777 grass-green. Nice and bright.


China Eastern is doing a Toy Story thing, where as my idea is a Walt Disney World livery. My fake airline has a hub in Orlando, so…


I am totally making an airline out of this. Virgin Canada, 49 planes, hub in Vancouver, fleet consists of 77W, 753, 752, and CRJ1000. A35K, A321LR, CS300, CS100 on order.


We already made one. Although the planes differ. I’ll invite u to the pm


Ok. Looking foward to it.


Maybe my airline can partner up with yours.


People do make special liveries on Design your own airline or repaint