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I have a suggestion,

Try flying from either OAK (Oakland) or SFO (San Francisco) to GDL (Guadalajara) in a Volaris A319. I’m pretty sure this is a 6 hour flight from there


@David_Beckett MaxSez: Let History be your guide. Look to the Trail Blazers. Here’s a few:


FACT/FAOR to all destinations in Europe is between 9 to 11 hours. Also West Africa to East coast of the US


Gotta try that for sure! I live in Macau and am from Manila. Thanks for bringing this up Max 😉


@Kyle.Plane. MaxSez. Macau, used to be a hot spot in my day. Flew down from Okinawa by 130 to Subic on to HK or Macau, return to Oki. Lived and flew out of Oki, 4 years w/family in the 80’. Spent a total of 7 years in the East. Not counting 2 yrs In RVN. Learned the culture and life style of the region. Still a rice eater, LOL but no Balutes for me……


I just did HNL-JFK. While it was an overnight so I didn’t look much at the scenery, I’m sure it encompasses a lot as it crosses Hawaii, the ocean, the west coast, the mountain, the great plains, and then into JFK. It is a fairly long flight (9 hours 10 minutes for me) so you probably need a decent device.


OMDB to KLAX on an A380


OMDB 2512N/5527E 2512N/5537E 2521N/5546E 2527N/5542E 2536N/5535E 2552N/5539E 2604N/5548E 2605N/5548E 2612N/5547E 2637N/5553E 2646N/5555E 2810N/5605E 2848N/5610E 3012N/5623E 3060N/5629E 3159N/5638E 3257N/5647E 3315N/5650E 3340N/5654E 3513N/5718E 3555N/5730E SBZ 3638N/5747E SILPO RIKOP 3741N/5815E 3800N/5820E 3904N/5846E MOLAD 3933N/5906E 3954N/5922E DLONA 4025N/5945E 4103N/6014E 4118N/6026E 4118N/6026E URG 4206N/6047E 4305N/6103E 4409N/6120E 4408N/6120E RIKTO OLINA NKZ 4623N/6214E 4623N/6214E 4647N/6219E 4748N/6231E GEDSA 4838N/6241E 4935N/6251E 5003N/6256E 5024N/6260E 5108N/6308E 5213N/6321E 5311N/6334E NELTI 5420N/6417E 5546N/6346E 5616N/6331E 5638N/6320E AKERA BIBLI GIMAK 5957N/6301E 6008N/6307E 6012N/6308E 6053N/6328E UNISO 6118N/6340E 6146N/6350E 6216N/6401E LIGRI BEBIR 6455N/6535E 6455N/6535E 6517N/6548E PENIG RUDAN SH MEBOR 6718N/6639E 6750N/6641E 6828N/6645E 6852N/6647E 6852N/6647E TUMOK LUGOT 7343N/6638E 7656N/6607E ANODI NILMA 8245N/6009E ABERI 8723N/3000E 8504N/9105W 8500N/9800W 8054N/10851W 8000N/11000W 7500N/11600W 7000N/11700W 6916N/11711W 6500N/11800W 6000N/11800W YQU ROFFO 5324N/11900W MALPY YNY 4900N/11911W EPH IMB 4100N/11940W FMG GENNE FRA REBRG 3540N/11944W 3541N/11944W 3531N/11946W 3517N/11950W 3455N/11930W 3444N/11921W 3432N/11911W 3417N/11859W WAKER KLAX


There ya go !


Definetly try flying from or to LJLJ.

Also consider flying a Eurasian route, e.g. EGLL to ZBAA. I don’t know how the scenery looks between Ukraine and Mongolia cause I was asleep during my flight from ZKPY-BKPR, but try it out.

Do a polar route like KJFK-ZBAA. I’m gonna attempt it one day.


Polar routes are awesome. I tried KSAN-OMDB and I did the whole flight in complete darkness. All 14 hours of it.


KBUF-KEWR is a good regional route, So is KORD-KMSP.


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