I can't log into my community account on another device


On my phone (I’m on my tablet) I can’t log in to the community. It says "You Can’t Log In As Kaleb99j_REAL From That IP Address. I have also tried a different browser and using my email to sign in instead of my username. I have an image it’s blurry as my tablet camera is not good at all. I want to know why this is? All I did was factory reset my phone because an app was acting very odd. (Turns out it was my VPN.) Why is this?


Check your internet connection


My internet connection is perfect with 100 mbps


Try using the 5Ghz version of your WiFi if you have one, and try using or disabling your VPN, or switching locations, also try clearing your internet search history and Cache


I am on my 5Ghz version. And my VPN is disabled. As I have just reset my phone to default there is no need to clear search history as I have none same with cache.


Try restarting your device just to make sure.


Sadly that did not work.



This IP-adress is banned, which prevents users using that IP-adress from logging in. Might be due to spam deletions or a moderator simply banned it.
You were using a VPN in the past, which probably explains you were able to log in.

Let’s wait for a moderator to give us more insight into what is happening. :)


Just a question shouldn’t this belong in support


#support is for problems with the Infinite Flight app, not the forum. We have #meta for all things regarding the forum.


@Kaleb99j_REAL - no idea why, but your IP was blacklisted. Try again now.


Also make sure you’re on the https version of the forum.


Thank you @schyllberg i think maybe the change of IP could have auto blacklisted it. I don’t know why it was blacklisted to be honest. But thank you.