Humorous Live Photos


Saw this takeoff controlling a while back. I think he was like this for a good 15-30 seconds!


Abort, reverse thrust, spoilers and brake immediately.


I believe it was in Amsterdam. I found out later it was a helipad 🤷‍♂️. Pre Global so I don’t know if it’s still there or not.


Mind me asking why your spoilers are retracted on the taxiway? Maybe a little late retracting them?


Aerodynamic takeoff in use lol!


he or she has a CRUSH on you :DD


No I was waiting to take-off. There was a plane in front of me


Caught this pilot going 235 knots coming in fast to runway 28R at KSFO while I was landing at 28L. PULL UP!!!


Something is very wrong with 28R at KSFO


Dinner time in Mexico City lol.


“Dude, your APU smells amazing!” 😂






I think my horizontal stabilizers taste like heaven to this grade 1 pilot lol.


This guy was also at the controls during both AC incidents at KSFO


Apologies for going off topic, but how did you get the KC-10? I have the yearly subscription for IF, but that aircraft is not available to me.


That was me, sorry I was distracted.


KC-10 is in the DC-10F variant, just scroll through it and you will see it. As it is a DC-10F everyone with Pro can get it.


“This plane tail tastes terrible. Send it back to Chef Boeing and ask for it to be cooked well-done.”


I never knew lol HAHA. Nice! We all learn, no worries.


One in a million chance for that to happen.