Humorous Live Photos


Stunningly beautiful.


Would you imagine a plane like this?! ahaha
It would be very strange… a 6 engines aircraft will not be an “ecologic” member of future aviation.
But this screenshot made me laugh so much that i have to go to the toilet right know hahahaha


I have something to admit. I pulled a rookie mistake. I landed with no gear at JFK accidentally :|


Another angle

@Jacob_Sim’s takeoff

Mid-air collisions


😂😂😂 that is dedication to stay that close


How’d that work out for ya??


Well I came in at a smooth 80 fpm so it wasn’t all bad. It was the first time in around 12 months I did that. I am just hoping no one caught it.


Funny story (I dont have a photo)

My step-grandfather was a pilot (he owned a C206) and I was doing a short flight showing him the a319.

About 30 feet above the runway he said (as a joke) “oh no you forgot the gear!” I glanced at my gear indicator. It was up. I throttled up, pulled back and stalled.

Not a photo per say but makes a good mental image.

(This is probs gonna get flagged)


How did I manage to do This


Did ya get a new pair a undies for Christmas that year!!!😂😂😂


Ummmm… Maybe no one caught on film however… I feel ya kinda maybe let the cat out of the bag… 😂😂😂


I am ok with that, It was an embarrassing moment.


We’ve all had our fair share!!! Happy Landings!!! (With gear down)


A very excited controller?.. (also, there was no active ATC at my destination airport…)


I didn’t know that this was possible…

You might not find that funny, but I had a laugh when I saw it, because at first I didn’t understand what was going on…


Is his name banned or is he banned?


I don’t know. All I can say is the colour of his calsign was gray and not white. (Unless I’m blind.)


This was before global, but the plane landed thru the grond from under the ground to the ground to back under. I was so confused.



Except for the Eastern Hemisphere, otherwise no


What airport is this