Humorous Live Photos


Spare him his life from this monstrosity*



I’ll change that.


This entire post is a flipping train wreck.


How tho? 😂


Alright guys back to aerobatic 787s and whatever other rather interesting pictures we can take/find on live :)


You ok there, @DeerCrusher ? 😆


I think this may be a LITTLE BIT below American Airlines’ standards.


Maybe it isn’t fog, maybe your plane died and is a ghost 👻


“ghosted” xD just kidding, it just popped in, its too literal.


Guess you’d call him, Captain Slow crude top gear reference


On Grand Tour, James May is still called Mr. Slowly. It’s sad that not many people watched Top Gear. Amazing show when the Hammond, Clarkson, and May were on it!


Why am I not surprised


I only really liked the old group of people. Anyway, back to the topic


Had such promise and then stalled it


It was about that foggy here in Dallas this morning. Almost impossible driving to work.


When too many Jetstars spawn in at YLHI


And then there’s me in the Thomas Cook pushbacking onto the runway


The new A380 xD with 8 engines this time


Airbus A390


Seems like we got some problems right there ahahah