Humorous Live Photos


(Add sarcasm) I don’t understand. That’s just a normal TS1 pilot nosediving on approach spiraling out of control, trying to land that doomed plane. ;-)


Even better, he’s a grade three.


Not for long will he be a Grade 3… :)


That’s because of the long haul he did and got 10 violations… jk I have no clue lol


When a guy taxis into the runway and even starts taking off with you landing on the final stop


When you see an A380 at London City Airport 😑

(Sadly the plane didn’t show up)


Did you shoot that plane down! !?


That’s so funny. Lol


I was controlling on expert and that happened🤦‍♂️ Even a few md11s came. After multiple warnings and they kept asking to land/to taxi I ghosted them.


Thats bad indeed! For situations like this we have the ‘go-around’.
What also worries me…are you landing on auto-pilot?! 😱


Ummm, landing with A/P on is perfectly fine…


yes, always. I am not good handling the phone, I have this condition that makes my hand shake at special occasions : | Sigh!


Don’t try that at home


What to do you mean? I am so confused rn


You should definitely not be landing with autopilot on that isn’t APPR. Isn’t going to end well. But whatever floats your boat I guess.


A rather lovely collection of @BluePanda900 ‘s patterns at VNLK


@kyle.plane @Dennis_preuss were all there to witness it for themselves


Luckily you didn’t catch me spin into the mountain a second after you went offline 😜


In the last one I was exiting rwy. I have no idea what you’re on about fake Ewan


Is that why you were pointing 180 degrees the other way just before I took that screenshot?


Scrots or it didn’t happen