Humorous Live Photos


I was in the passenger seat not driving

Not exactly live, But LIVEFlight was just doing its job perfectly


Only on FNF Expert do you see people charging at you while you cross a runway, or see two people trying to takeoff

Btw anyone know IFATC Zack IFC name?


When a 747 is flying straight at you on final. And an A320 is trying to get to the runway before you (off to the right).


Did you see me land? I’m in that picture in the background in a Delta 738


I probably did but don’t remember


It happened to me at LAX today. I was cleared for 24L and a 777 speed up to try and overtake me on final. I slowed down to let him pass at a safe distance. As it turned out I landed safely while he basically crashed going 200 knots into the runway.


Yeah it’s annoying. That Brussels Airlines A320 decided to cut through my path and change to the other runway.


There is no need to rush in this simulator. I learned that early on.


No Comment Needed

they stalled on takeoff and hit the ground tail first before skidding across the airport





i think this wont happen anymore after the next update :D


So as I was taxiing to the runway at JFK, I watched this 747 land. He skidded off the runway and did a 720 to the left and ended up stuck there with the recovered thrust at 0 its ground speed. Expert Server by the way


KNUC and KLAX were always the same thing. 1 runway airports full of noobs taking off at the same time and slamming into eachother midair. Read spoiler if you don’t understand what I mean about KLAX has 1 runway in IF. The only runway anyone has ever used in the history of LAX training Server is 25L. Basically if you took the rest of the airport away it would still look like KNUC.


Incorrect. I always use 25R. Ha.


Thanks for denying sarcasm Captain Obvious… xD


That is why I use runway 24L
It is almost always empty.


Actually it’s 25L if you never changed the spawn position and 25R if you did change it to somewhere else. The 24 Runways were used as runways for those that took off from the 25 runways and were too lazy to wait 15 minutes to get to KNUC so they “Remained in the pattern”.


There’s also grass for lots of them


oh boy i wish i could like this more than once! Just use another runway how hard is it?


1000th post, great thread guys! I’ve gotten plenty of laughs out of it. Cheers and hope many more good photos will come! 👍😀