Humorous Live Photos


This was over a year ago…


Oh how I long to be on expert


I have enough hours to be on grade 3 but I rarely land


Maintain 378 knots at 0AGL


Now that’s a late reply 😅


Ahhh ts1 so many noobs sometimes


Omg, this is the best Infinite Flight addon ever!!!😱😁. The Boeing 787-8hovercraft!!! Thank you devs!


After being told repeatedly to listen to atc, this is what happens. The planes wouldn’t load. This was a grade 3 on ts1. So happy I don’t have to deal with this stuff anymore:)


He thinks he’s still cruising 😂


We’re introducing a revolution in military aviation. This is the A-30 TripleBolt


A giant leap in aviation technology. It screams America! 🇺🇸🦅😂


Put GE90s on those bad boys


Nothing is more exciting than a triple take off in Dubai.


this is why I do not fly 757s


Over the space of two minutes. Oh TS1


A crazy person at CLE, at small airport, in an A380:

Now he’s battling for the runway…
But look at how good he is with Unicom!


How can I take pictures of people when I play IF on my phone? I saw some crazy stuff go down at SFO about 5 minutes ago involving a Qantas A380 which would have been perfect for this thread lol.


If you’re on apple you can click home button and power button at the same time to screenshot. I don’t know for Android though.


Ok cool thanks. It is just what went down with that Qantas was stuff I never seen before. He drifted sideways and then basically did a spin/cartwheel down 28L at SFO.


You can just Google “how to take a screenshot with (your specific device)”.
Unless you have an apple device, then I think it was answered…